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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Farewell to Legion:

I achieved the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement, and I have no interest in raiding, so I must now hang up my spurs in World of Warcraft.  Until the next patch arrives that allows flight, there's no point leveling any of my alts, it would just be less efficient and more troublesome.  Alts also get faster artifact power progression once the new patch arrives, so every sign points towards 'wait.'

I vociferously oppose their lack of looking for group automatic group finder for mythic dungeons, the arcway, karazhan or court of stars.  It's way too much trouble to try and form these groups manually, so basically this content may as well not even exist since there's no way to access it.  By shaving away at their own content base by making us jump through hoops to get to it, they've made the game a skeleton of what it could have been, which makes it easy to 'win' the game as far as it can be won.  I've 'won' all the solo content available in the game so playing any further is just spinning wheels.

A world without WoW still has plenty to offer, though.  There's lots of football left to watch, which goes all the way until February.  In addition, Final Fantasy XV comes out November 29th.  I pre-ordered the game ages ago so I'll be looking forward to this coming in the mail with great anticipation.  It took ten years to build this stupid game, the first mainline game since XIII came out in 2009 (a very dubious game at best).  It's been seven years since then.  They built the first six Final Fantasy's in the time it took to build XV alone.  And we'll be lucky if XV is as good as any of the first six, I'm not even counting on that.

I bought XV for the pretty graphics and little else.  I expect the plot and gameplay will be horrible, but this is the best looking game I've ever seen.  Hopefully just seeing and experiencing the world will be worth the time and expense, unlike all the older games which were actually fun to play.  If Square Enix can't make a good game even after ten years of effort then this company is officially dead.  But if it somehow pulls it off, then it'll be a welcome return to what used to be the king of gaming.  After so many masterpieces, it's worth giving Square one more chance.

In any case, Final Fantasy XV will take up the slot that WoW is leaving vacant, and there's only a week of waiting in between.  Everything is operating according to plan.

Speaking of gaming, I added two old nintendo games, World Cup Soccer and North & South, to my top 50 video game franchises hall of fame.  I also added Colonization, another strategy game like Civilization but this time centered around successfully winning the American Revolutionary War set to amazing folk music.  These games were so fun to play it doesn't matter how low graphics they are.  Perhaps there's a lesson Square could have learned from their ten year mega project somewhere in there.

Hayate no Gotoku is back from hiatus.  I doubt the manga will end this year though.  If it did, it would be even bigger than Bleach ending.  Luckily, it seems as though the story will be allowed to come to its natural conclusion and isn't just being prematurely axed like Bleach was.  We're definitely at the climax, though, so if anyone hasn't started reading Hayate yet, now's the time to jump in.  This is the third best manga of all time we're talking about.

Texas' previous loss to Kansas before this weekend in college football was 1938.  How the mighty have fallen.

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