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Thursday, September 8, 2016

There is no Israeli Double Standard:

One of the canards of anti-Semites is that Jews support open borders into Europe and America but a Jewish ethnostate for Israel.  This is true as far as it goes, but it is not the double standard they are hoping to hoist Jews upon.  There's always been a distinction between newly created countries for the sake of sheltering oppressed minorities and countries without any history of oppression and therefore clearly not in need of sheltering.

Englishmen have never been victims anywhere, so there's no need for an English ethnostate to protect Englishmen away from their persecutors.  Jews, however, have been victimized everywhere, so Jews need a place away from all of their oppressors where they can be safe.  The same is true of South Sudanese, Kosovars, East Timorese, and a variety of other countries the UN granted independence and the right to a new and more concentrated homogeneity, all due to their histories of persecution by their former host states.

Israel as a last refuge for Jews in case they are holocausted again is an important piece of the puzzle.  Closed borders for anyone but Jews for Israel makes sense if you're talking about a refuge that will definitely not persecute Jews.  It wouldn't make sense to tout Israel as the last hiding place in a world gone wild with antisemitism if Israel itself is majority Jew hating.  Last time Jews were persecuted, even though they wanted to flee Germany and Europe, everyone refused their refugee ships and they sailed straight back into the maw of Auschwitz.  So long as Israel is a Jewish state, that tragedy can never occur again.  But what tragedy do English need to flee to an English ethnostate over?  There is no holocaust of Englishmen in the past or on the horizon.  For America to say 'this land is for English only, just like the Jews have Israel,' is absurd.  The Jews have Israel as a result of their unique history of persecution whenever they went outside of Israel over thousands of years.  England has no such history and therefore has no right to such protections.  If Englishmen ever do go through a thousand years of pogroms and genocides, then they too will be given a state of their own where they can be safe, just like South Sudan got after years of genocidal violence from the Sudanese Arabs.

Until then, there is no double standard.  Jews have earned their right to an ethnostate the hard way, a way that no one else would even dream of emulating.  Talking about nonsense like black crime or hispanic drug gangs just isn't even in the same league.  Anglo Americans will be given their own state once black crime is killing 1/2 of all Anglos on Earth.  Until then, there's no double standard, so go back to the drawing board on why Jews are evil for a different story.

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