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Monday, September 12, 2016

Light Novel News:

Volume 10 of Baccano is now available for download at Mist translations' website.  The remaining Baccano translated light novels can be found here:

If you click on the download button on the top left it will download them all at once for you, so Baccano can be yours once and for all.

I finished volume 16 of Index NT.  Like usual it ends in a cliffhanger with the threat of violence omnipresent.  I wonder if this series will ever end, or ever attempt to develop the plot any.  There are really only two important questions in Index that haven't been answered yet -- what is Aleister Crowley's plan for Academy City?  And, much more importantly, which girl will Touma eventually get with?  Neither of those questions were answered in this book.  We don't even get to know who level 5 esper #6 is.  So the whole book is basically just a giant waste of time.

Even so, you have to keep on reading, in the faint hope that something important may happen someday, and you don't want to miss it when that does go down.

With Index finished (until of course the next volume is released), I only have two series ranked in my light novel rankings left to read that a) are translated and b) I haven't read/watched the anime adaption of yet.  I'm on volume 8 of both Baccano and Unlimited Fafnir, so maybe I'll switch back and forth between them from here on.  Or maybe I'll just read Fafnir, since I don't have it downloaded but am just reading it off of baka tsuki's website, which could go down at any moment, and thus takes priority.

Light novels > visual novels, so I've made virtually no progress on any visual novels.  I can read light novels while listening to Tales music, and thus kill two birds with one stone.  The same cannot be said of visual novels, which come with their own music and sound effects.

I've estimated that only around 10% of Americans have any clue about racial, sexual, Islamic or other matters, all the rest are liberals.  Hillary's estimate is more positive, saying that fully 20% of the country or so are irredeemable thought criminals.  To me, everyone who is not in the basket of deplorables is irredeemable, so if Hillary knows something I don't then I'm glad to discover just how many friends and allies we on the alt-right actually have.

Hillary's solution to the racist, sexist, islamophobic, homophobic electorate is to keep importing more third worlders, especially Muslims, until they're an unassailable majority of the country.  Then our thought crimes won't matter any more, because our votes won't matter anymore, because we'll be helplessly outnumbered by the innumerable hordes of immigrants she'll bring through via open borders.  If Trump isn't elected her plan will work like a charm, and this will be the final contested election in US history.

However, US history after that point won't be very long.  At least 40% of Texans favor secession already if Hillary wins this election.  After 4 years of her disastrous policies that number will invariably rise.  Once Texas secedes, seeing that the jig is up and there's no way for Texan-style government to exist while under the thumb of D.C., the dominoes will start falling at an exponential pace and eventually all the red states will leave the union.  Then all the immigrants will be kicked over to the blue states and we will finally have two nations, like our continent always should have had, one given over to the delusional utopian Yankees and their third world pets, and the other to white traditionalist Southerners who liked the America before 1965.

If Trump isn't elected, we of the alt right will become more powerful than Hillary can possibly imagine.  We'll gain control of the majority of the landmass of America and our economy, unshackled by liberal policies, will boom ahead of theirs.  If Trump is elected, we'll own the entire United States and shove the necessary reforms down their throats, while stacking the Supreme Court with a majority immune to liberal intervention for the next 40 years.  One way or another the horror story will end.  This is the bottom of the barrel.  It's only good news from here onwards.

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