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Friday, August 26, 2016

What the Alt Right Stands For:

The alt right believes, correctly, that various stereotypes about groups of people are true, based on the weight of the evidence, found across history and through endless studies and lived experiences in the present day.  There is no debating the alt right because 100% of the evidence backs them up, and 0% refutes them, so all liberals can do is point and sputter at how awful the truth is when spoken out loud.

Namely, these true stereotypes that virtually all alt right believers agree upon are these:

LGBTQers are disturbed, Blacks are stupid, Muslims are violent, Hispanics are mediocre, Jews are duplicitous, and women are fickle.

That's it.  That's all we ever wanted to say.  That's our grave and unforgivable sin.

However, whether we speak the truth out loud or not, it still has power over the world, because reality is real, no matter what liberals silence or censor.  You can't censor reality.  So either we confront these truths honestly and forge a maximum utility path with these truths in mind, or we walk blindly through a thicket and snag ourselves on every single truth we didn't see coming as our social policy lurches mindlessly from one crisis to the next.  Eventually we'll try to ignore truths so pressing and so vital to human life that we'll end up going extinct, at which point all that niceness won't avail anyone.  The alt right suggests we correct our course before our extinction instead of bragging that we were nice all the way to the grave like liberals want the rest of us to do alongside them.

When liberals cease simply calling for mass suicide via the ignoring of basic truths about reality, and start imposing it through the force of law (or the threat of economic deprivation or social death) instead, we call it white genocide, because now they are actively cramming our doom down our throats and we are too powerless to stop them.  If they would just leave us alone they could have all the nutty beliefs they wished, but since they will not allow us to live in accordance to the truth, nor will they allow us to secede from their demented nations that are intent on living contrary to the truth, all we can feebly do is protest our genocide to anyone fair minded enough to listen.  We're too powerless to run away, fight back, or do anything.  All we can do is protest our fate on the internet, but apparently even that makes 'us' the 'trolls' and liberals the victims.  Boys can't even design and play their own video games, buying and selling them freely solely between each other, without women and minorities crying out that they're somehow being oppressed and this practice must be forthwith put to a stop.  Liberals cry out in pain as they persecute and prosecute us out of every last nook and cranny of society.  For the alt right, 1984 already happened long ago.  We're already living the future, which is just a boot stamping on our human faces, forever.

All we ever did was dare to notice the obvious reality that's apparent to anyone and has been for millennia.  The alt right is simply those who can still see, those who can still see the Emperor's Clothes for what they are, and still dare to say he's not wearing any clothes to any who might be willing to listen.  Let us go our own way, and you'd never have to listen to us again.

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