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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Our Demographics Don't Matter:

I already knew and reported this, but now it's official, the majority of American babies were not white in 2011.  Instead, they were mestizos, blacks, Asians, people of mixed ancestry, so forth and so on.  It's kind of silly to count Asians in the same category as other minorities, since they are smarter and more successful than white people, and can integrate just fine into a multiracial society (just look at Hong Kong for examples of white-Asian co-prosperity).  So if we add Asians to the white baby total, we actually still are the majority of births.  But even this device will fail us in the end, as Asian and white birth rates are much lower than their poorer racial neighbors, blacks and hispanics.  Once the population of blacks and hispanics increases enough, their naturally higher birth rates will give them an exponentially rising proportion of America's future, the exact year this happens is just quibbling.

However, a better way to look at these numbers isn't rich, intelligent whites and Asians vs. poor, dumb blacks and hispanics.  It's more like a country that is 87% non-black, 13% black.  This is because even poor, dumb hispanics are not crazily violent like blacks are -- I have never heard of gangs of 20 adult hispanics gang raping an 11 year old black girl, for instance, even though black adults are known to do this to tiny, helpless hispanic girls.  High hispanic crime rates do not tend to be mindless cruelty, but have narrow, tight focuses centered around their drug trade or political goals.  If you don't cross them, they won't hassle you, and thus the crime poses no public threat to a safe and happy citizenry.  Crime like that should be put into a completely different category from stranger-on-stranger violent crime, because avoidable crime isn't really a big deal.  For instance, in the news recently was the story of a woman who killed her husband for cheating on her.  She was being charged with first degree murder, even though she only poses a threat to A) husbands who B) cheat on her.  Why exactly should the state get involved?  What do strangers have to fear from her?  Why does she need to be locked away from the rest of society in order to safeguard us?  If you don't want her to kill you, either A) don't marry her or B) don't cheat on her.  I really don't see the problem here.  If the criminal justice system simply must get involved with personal quarrels and personal acts of justice, sentence her to mandatory informing of all prospective husbands that she'll kill them if they cheat on her, so that no one is under any false illusions of safety on their wedding day.  She's actually far less of a threat, or a criminal, than a sexually active person with AIDS, who kills everyone romantically involved with them, instead of just adulterers.  And yet she's charged with first degree murder, and AIDS carriers are given free rein to go sow their seed wheresoever they please.

If we filter out drug wars, personal vendettas, bar fights where both sides provoked each other, political terrorists, etc, and zero in on the only thing normal people have to fear, an unprovoked attack by a complete stranger as you just try to go about living your life, that is the true crime rate, and the only crime rate that must be controlled and snuffed out.  The only race that specializes in this sort of crime, that does crime for no purpose at all but just for the fun of it, is the black race.  Therefore so long as the country remains non-black, it will be, for all intents and purposes to a normal citizen, a safe, free, and livable country.

America will not become Brazil just by becoming a majority-minority nation, or even a majority black/hispanic nation.  Brazil doesn't really have hispanics.  It just has blacks and whites, and it is majority black.  We will never have the problems Brazil is stuck with, or the problems of South Africa.  Hispanics may not be much smarter or more productive than blacks, but they are far, far less destructive.  And a benignly useless person is as harmless as a teddy bear in a country brimming over with creative energy and productive forces.  We don't need them to be rich or become scholars -- we just need them to not rape and eat us.  We can do all the intellectual work ourselves -- as a 40% minority, a 20% minority, or even a 1% minority.  Just look at the Jews, they run everything and they're only 2% of the population.

I constantly hear about the need for people to become well educated in order to earn higher incomes.  As a result, pundits talk fearfully about the education gap between whites and hispanics.  This is misguided.  We already have an overeducated population by far.  There are three times as many people with PhD's as science grants to go around that would make their degrees have some purpose.  Likewise, in every profession, from teaching to computer programming, there are six people applying for every available job.  There isn't a skills shortage anywhere, and if there were, we could always just import said skilled workers from abroad.  There is a constant supply of immigrants who would love to come to America and earn money at any job imaginable.  The fact is changing technology has made most jobs superfluous, and those that remain can be filled by a truly elite, ever-shrinking percentage of adults.  I return to the example of an old coal plant, which employed 200 people to run,  being shut down in favor of a new natural gas plant that employs exactly 1 person who does nothing but look at computer screens that warn him of some sort of incoming catastrophic machine failure, at which point he stops the process and calls in reparimen.  That's the sole moment a human is involved in the providing of power to thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of homes.

Once technology has reached this level, the limiting factor in employment is not skills, it isn't education, it isn't the price of labor, it's capital.  There are only so many natural resources to go around, so many specially built, billion dollar factories with customized equipment to churn out new cars or solar panels, and compared to the worth of these machines, and the difficulty of securing the funding to acquire said megalopolises of industrial production, makes the education of the few tiny peons who oversee the automation a pitiful joke of a side issue.

Rest assured, no matter how far we project our demographics into the future, there will be enough smart, well educated, rich whites and Asians to remain in control of everything that moves.  Heck, in Malaysia it only takes a 10%? 5%? population of Chinese to own and run everything, and in Mexico the 10% minority of whites runs everything just fine.  It's simply not an issue -- there are always more elites than there is capital to give them to play with, more qualified individuals than there are jobs for them to do.  How many people do you think qualify to be astronauts and apply every year?  And yet, ultimately, how many people can actually work in space?  The answer there is the microcosm to the answer everywhere.  The limiting reactant isn't astronauts, it's the price of leaving orbit, and it always will be.

The economy will plug along without even noticing a population of uneducated, unemployed workers.  They were never economic actors to begin with, so it won't matter what they can or can't do in the future.  The majority of income is earned by the top 15% of Americans already.  Everything else, that everyone else does, is pocket change.  Whether the poor happen to be poor whites or poor hispanics is meaningless to the economy.  Only poor blacks are so disruptive and so destructive that it makes business unfeasible.  Only Nigerians make it impossible for people to extract and sell oil as an industry by occasionally raiding and kidnapping oil workers straight from their barracks -- in Mexico the oil business has always thrived, and it will continue to do so once America becomes 'el norte.'

A majority hispanic America will have no impact on the economy or public safety.  It will have an impact on politics.  The republican/libertarian party, which insists on every individual fending for themselves, will be annihilated in the near future.  Instead social welfare and social redistribution will become the permanent norm, and not just for old or disabled people, but for all poor people across the board.  This is a good thing.  There is plenty of money to go around and therefore, ethically, it is wrong to begrudge the poor a tiny share of America's endless affluence.  It is disgusting that the richest country on Earth still doesn't have comprehensive free health care for every American.  It is disgusting that Obama tried to make the poor purchase their own health care or face legal penalties instead of giving it as a public benefit to the people who need it most.  This sort of nonsense will end in a hispanic America.  We will lurch to the left of the socialist/libertarian divide, and put all this sink or swim nonsense, a relic of a frontier age where such thinking made some level of sense, behind us forever -- and let us rejoin the entire rest of the developed, civilized world which has gone socialist decades ago.

However, this does not mean hispanics will want there to be rampant black crime in their neighborhoods, or that they wish, like in Sweden, to get rid of all gendered pronouns, the very concept of 'Mother' and 'Father,' and any toy that boys prefer to play with.  They are not leftists of that sick and insane type, but have a healthy, common sense grounding in reality which white liberals have lost long ago.

Hispanic democrats do not love trees, or anthills, or mosquitoes, like white liberals do.  They will not destroy the economy in order to enforce insane carbon caps, or refuse to allow a road or power plant to be built because of some rare dung beetle that might be disturbed.  In many ways, the coming age of hispanic America will destroy not just the Republican party, but also the Democratic one.  The fetishes of white liberals -- women acting like men, men acting like queers, civilized people worshiping mindless vegetables -- will all go the way of the dodo for a far more practical politics of 'what's in it for me?'  Such a democratic party would be a godsend, and a huge upgrade from its current, Swedish equivalent across the ocean.

The hispanicization of America will be benign in terms of politics, the economy, and crime.  An individual white, living in America, will not have their life prospects blasted by being outnumbered by our southern, half-white neighbors who speak a different but still European tongue just like us and worship the same benign religion as us.  It's just not a big deal.  I'd rather be conquered by Mexico than deranged white liberals any day, and we're ALREADY living under the thumb of deranged white liberals.  I'd rather anybody ran the country than Murray-like libertarians who essentially call for the culling of 80% of the population as 'useless eaters.'  Compared to who could be in power, I'll take my chances with hispanics any day.

Meanwhile, we have to remember that all of these demographic 'horrors' are set to actually matter only fifty or a hundred years from now.  By then, the world will have been changed by technology so much that the entire topic is just risible.  We won't even recognize the beings that live on the planet 50 years from now.  They'll probably be beams of pure energy or something.  Hispanic beams of pure energy, or white, or Asian, none of that will matter in the near future.  Everything we're discussing will be a giant joke in the future, as the god-titans look back at these historical records and fall on the floor laughing  -- "Did they really think that?  Oh my God how stupid can you get?  Didn't they know that the Chinese had already perfected quantum teleportation over the distance of a 100 kilometers in a recent experiment (, and that therefore within a few years there would be perfect transmission of life across the entire universe, instantaneously?  And they were still writing about immigration?"

Anyone alive today is going to watch scientists break the code to every major problem remaining left on Earth:  AI, immortality, the cure to all diseases, genetic engineering, cheap battery powered robots, cybernetic implants, fusion power -- all of it.  It's all going to happen and it will happen for every child born in 2011 before they die.  An article about the racial makeup of said babies, as though that will have any influence on the future, just misses the point of what's going on in the world around us.  Yesterday a quadriplegic controlled a robotic arm with her mind.  Tomorrow everyone will have a machine exoskeleton.  It's just not stopping. The progress is accelerating.  Every year our capacities in laboratories double.  The scientific revolution that started in 1800 started a process that cannot be stopped, that is now just a force of nature.  We haven't just reached the singularity, we are IN IT, and we have been for over a century.  All of this has been inevitable once we tapped the power of fossil fuels and combined it with the philosophy of objective observational data gathering to reach falsifiable predictions.  Compared to technology, race is a miniscule force of history, whose importance is long past.

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