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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Big Question Concerning Crime:

What we need are basic facts.  No one can come to an intelligent conclusion about anything without basic, informative facts concerning whatever is being debated.  What we currently have is a lot of hot air and people speaking at cross purposes.

On one side, there is a group of concerned citizens who see stories of black on white crime daily in the news and then look up the justice department's facts to find that blacks are something like nine times as likely to be violent criminals than whites, and half of their violent crimes are perpetrated on, most often, white strangers who never did anything to deserve it, out of a generalized hatred of whites or perhaps just a generalized sadistic glee in doing crime.  They are worried that every black they see in their community is another ticking time bomb and that they might become the next victim of these completely unprovoked stranger attacks no matter how carefully they try to avoid being noticed or giving any offense.

On the other side are liberals who sneer at these worries and fears and insist that the news stories are being cherry picked, and that black crime is overblown, and whites are racist to fear or resent blacks in general for a completely overblown problem (a problem overblown by sinister racists in order to stir up hatred against an innocent and unfairly stereotyped black race), and especially to fear or typecast any particular black stranger they see on the street as another possible violent criminal.

If we simply ignored all of the evil, racist news stories about blacks victimizing innocent white strangers, and ignored all of the justice department's statistics about the likelihood of black men to be violent criminals, liberals argue, we could go through our entire lives interacting with blacks every day, without any fear or hate, and never once be the victim of a black on white stranger attack.

The entire problem is in our heads.  If we just got over it, we would realize that blacks are perfectly safe and that black on white stranger attacks are so rare that they are basically impossible for any specific individual to be a victim of.  You're more likely to be struck by lightning than a black-on-white stranger attack, so why worry?

Pointing out hundreds of stories of black on white stranger attacks is meaningless in the face of a population of 310 million people.  The real question isn't whether such attacks occur or not, it is whether it is significant that they occur or not, or whether racists are simply trying to make it significant in order to further their agenda of persecuting and harming blacks.  Racists would have us believe that a few dozen assaults over the course of a year by a few rotten apples justifies punishing an entire race, collectively, in reprisal.

In order to find out who is right, the liberals who think all black crime should be politely ignored in order not to dredge up the worst demons in white people's souls, the same demonic force that holocausted the Jews just a few decades ago, or the concerned citizens who think black crime is a real threat to people's lives and needs to be stopped through serious societal intervention, all we need is one, basic fact:

What is the percent chance, when a white person particle collides with a black person particle, that it throws off the exotic particle called 'black on white stranger crime' ?

We need a particle collider plus tons of memory banks standing by to trace every single result of every collision.  If we simply knew how dangerous it was for a white person to cross the path of a black person in daily life, then we could know whether the issue is overblown or not.  We know for a fact how many black on white violent crimes there are in America.  What we don't know is how often white and black strangers cross each other's path.  If we recorded it as an 'event' every time a white walked by a black person without being harmed, or a black person drove by a white person but didn't stop, get out of the car and assault said white person, we could then get a meaningful sense of how dangerous living around blacks was.  We must also find out how many such events can be expected in the course of a white person's life, depending upon where he lives.  In some neighborhoods a white person might cross the path of black strangers millions of times, while other, more fortunate whites living in Maine might never meet a single black in their life.  If there is a real but vanishingly small chance that a black stranger will attack a white stranger as they cross paths, then the people of Maine probably don't need to be 'racist' and 'fear' blacks or 'stereotype' them as violent criminals.  However, what if you're a white person who lives in Baltimore?  Detroit?  St. Louis?  New Orleans?  In each of these cities the formula would be drastically different.

Let's say that it is an unacceptable risk for a white person to be subjected to random black on white stranger violence 20% of the time sometime during his life.  At that point it would be better to take meaningful, forceful action against the entire black race to prevent said criminality.  At 20%, it's already virtually guaranteed that a close family member or yourself will be attacked, and your life put in the balance by said attack.  If you aren't killed, you could be permanently disabled, mutilated, or emotionally scarred via rape or just trauma.  If everyone you know has either been the victim of such a vicious attack, or cares about someone who has, that's an unacceptable level of violence and it would be better to stop it, at any cost, than to allow it to continue.

How many black strangers is it required for someone's life to cross before he reaches the 20% threshold chance of being attacked by said strangers?  What is the black stranger crossing to black on white victimization ratio?  We are missing just one number.  One number could solve the question of the ages -- is black crime the problem or white racism?

Instead of finding the higgs particle, which is just a scientific curiosity and has no technical applications which could better our lives, we should retool the LHC to throw blacks and whites at each other at relativistic speeds.  With our billions of dollars' worth of sensors, we're sure to detect every crime that occurs between all the hundreds of billions of collisions that occur in the underground tube.  And then we could have a scientific solution to a question of true significance in our daily lives.

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