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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Long Wait Update:

Eiga Suite Precure blu-ray should be subbed soon. The raw blu-ray and the dvd subs are already out, so all one would have to do is rip them from one and stick them on the other.

Major World Series Oav's are supposedly being done by Umai subs. It will probably take forever though.

Saki blu-ray will probably never be released, because the detail is worse than the dvd version. The dvd version doesn't seem to have a quality release yet either, though. Maybe someday.

Ayumi subs has completed Baka to Test 2 blu-ray, but not all the bonus specials. No telling if/when those will come out.

The new Kenshin oav is out, but it turns out to be junk filler that ruins the kyoto arc more than retells it. Better off skipped.

The new Kobato blu-ray is out, and one group is leaping to do the bonus specials, but no one so far has been interested in releasing the actual blu-ray episodes.

The Hayate blu-ray movie is out and it's excellent. Unfortunately it ends where it begins, at the status quo. A nice pickup but hardly the movie of the year.

45 out of the 50 episodes of Fresh Pretty Cure have been subbed. The group doing it has a release rate of 1 episode every two months or so, though, so it's still going to be a long, long wait.

40 out of the 50 episodes of Yes Pretty Cure have been subbed. The group doing it is even slower than the group doing Fresh, though. So this wait will last galactic timescales.

Yes Pretty Cure GoGo may be subbed after said groups are done with Fresh and Yes, so we're talking heat death waiting times.

Steins;Gate blu-ray is being worked on, but there's no estimate for when it will be finished.

The remaining movies will hopefully come out sometime this year.

Little Busters might come out as early as this fall.

The spring season anime season has arrived, so at least that wait is over. So far nothing's really impressed me. Space Brothers wasn't as good as the hype, either. But a lot of series grow over time. I had no idea how great Idolm@ster was going to be after the first episode, and look how that turned out. We'll have to wait and see.

Smile Pretty Cure has proven itself as the funniest Pretty Cure ever, and extremely sweet and lovable, just like all the previous seasons. Smile Precure won't lose to anyone.

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