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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Emperor's Clothes and Those Who Can See:

For the longest time, categorizing myself has been frustrating. All the terms lumped me into groups with whom I disagreed, or carried all sorts of randomly negative connotations. Thanks to Paul Kersey, the problem has been forever solved. I belong to 'Those Who Can See.' My enemies are the blind, who cannot or will not see what's transparently and self-evidently in front of them:

The Emperor has no clothes.

The world is in an Emperor has no clothes moment. Those who can see = the people with the courage and and the intelligence to point at the Emperor, like the child in the story, and say, "He isn't wearing any clothes!"

That's my group. That's the only group I'm affiliated with, or wish to belong to. Everyone else who can see is my natural ally, with whom I wish to associate, and everyone who can't see is my natural enemy, whom I wish to destroy.

My group has no race, age, sex, sexual orientation, species, class, or any other requirement. If you're a poor tentacled alien who likes petting goats, but you can SEE, you're my kind of guy. If you're a rich white straight man but you're blind, through cowardice or stupidity, then I hate and despise you with all the fury of my heart. You are exactly the problem in this world. My loyalty is to the rest of us who can see the obvious, but politically and socially incorrect, truths of this world. My antagonism is for the stupid cowards who refuse to admit what's patently obvious and floating right in front of their faces.

In short, I am like the practitioners of Islam. According to Islam, Islam is so obviously true that anyone who learns about it, and rejects it, isn't doing so out of well-intentioned mistakeness. Only malice and spite could deafen people to the clear and absolutely convincing evidence concerning the truth of the Koran. To reject Allah isn't a preference or taste or the like, it's a grave sin, and infidels have every right to be punished for their intransigence, their turning away from God, their willful refusal to stare the truth in the eyes.

The only problem is Islam is wrong about this. Not only is the truth of Islam not 'clearly and obviously' convincing, its falsehood and deviancy is apparent from the very most surface observation. The more you learn about Islam, the more enormous and abhorrent it becomes. Far from being transparently self-evident, it is mind-numbing to realize over a billion people could believe such filth.

However, the truths Those Who Can See can see, ARE self-evident, transparently clear truths. And people who reject OUR truths really are sinners, they really are spiteful and intransigent, they really are morally to blame for not accepting the truth they know, in their hearts, to be true. Islam had this burning hatred for nonbelievers right. The only thing they lacked is the correct belief system. The hatred is a righteous hate. Cowardice IS a sin. Ignorance IS a sin. Stupidity IS a sin. And it needs to be punished. People who don't believe and accept the most basic truths of this world do deserve to burn in hell forever. They are the worst sort of scum and no punishment is too much for them.

Just consider how evil the blind truly are. We have people with the power to change the world into a safe, happy, prosperous place at the push of a button. These are the real power players of America. The elites who control the banks, media, Congress, courts, major corporations, etc. They write the rules of this society and they convince people to embrace said rules, no matter how disadvantageous they are to their individual interests. Just imagine, this group of people has made affirmative action, which goes against the direct interests of white people and even against the most basic principles of justice, into a socially acceptable thing, and opposition to it a low and dirty, contemptible activity. That is the power of these elites. If they used the same power for good, the ability to turn everything on its head and make white black and black white, just imagine what they could do.

What couldn't they do?

The answer is nothing. Their power is unlimited. They can shape society however they please, into any pretzel contortion they please, or else stuff like affirmative action would be impossible.

And these people, with this power, are choosing to do NOTHING. They are staring into the face of the insanity and cruelty and stupidity of this world, and they are doing NOTHING about it.

It reminds me of the scene in Gettysburg:

Watch that video and then realize that the people in charge of this country, of this world, are sitting around doing nothing when the correct choice is MUCH more obvious and the consequences of failure MUCH more dire than even the most important battle in American history. Trimble is trembling with rage at Ewell's blind, stupid face that just seems to float there like an inhuman blob, incapable of comprehension of the most basic facts, of the very English language. How much hatred should we have, then, for situations even clearer than whether or not to press the attack on Culp's hill? For people even more blind, stupid, and intentionally deaf to plain English and basic facts of nature?

Here are the basic facts of nature that Those Who Can See can see, but are not allowed to act upon, because Those Who Decide Things can't or won't see them:

* * *

Fairy tails, miracles, supernatural entities, magic, blah blah blah, is all claptrap. The world is a rational, observable, material universe that obeys basic physical laws, and we are a part of it just like any other.

The scientific theory of evolution is transparently true.

Eugenics is transparently both possible and beneficial, not only for breeds of crops and cattle, but for humans too, because we also are part of nature and subject to evolution.

The environment cannot sustain unlimited population growth.

Parts of Africa still are having seven children a piece, without any ability to support them.

Average black African IQ is 70. Average white European IQ is 100.

IQ matters. The reason why it correlates to income, long life, scientific discoveries, artistic masterpieces, successful marriages, etc, is because IQ is the single most important factor in achieving any of these things. It is what divides humans from animals, and the civilized world from the third world. Period.

IQ tests are valid measurements of IQ.

1/3 of black males are felons.

70% of black children are illegitimate.

A child deserves a mother and a father.

Straights live longer, happier lives than gays (or any other sexual deviancy).

Mankind has an obligation to propagate itself or something better than itself into the future.

Individual rights are meaningless in the face of moral duties.

As recorded by Peter Drucker, the number of working hours an average person works in a year has halved from 1900-1990. The only possible imputation of this fact isn't that mankind has grown lazier, spontaneously, worldwide, for the last century, for no reason but that men are wicked compared to their forefathers, but due to the labor saving devices of the industrial revolution.

The industrial revolution isn't over yet. Continued advancements in materials, energy, robotics, and artificial intelligence will ensure a world where little to no human work will be possible -- machines will out compete us all. As a result, calling the unemployed 'lazy' is no longer tenable.

Despite the fact that people won't be productive in the future, they are still worth more than unthinking mechanized factories, no matter how many solar panels or cars they produce.

This is because human beings can participate in three verbs that machines (as of yet), cannot: Understanding, Appreciating, and Affirming. Or if you prefer, three nouns: Truth, Beauty, and Love.

A human being supported by productive machines so that he or she can be left exclusively to the business of creating Truth, Beauty, and Love is not lazy, wicked, scum, parasitical, trash, etc. He or she is the pinnacle of human civilization.

Men and women are different.

The failure of women or non-whites to achieve the same excellence as white men in any field is not our fault, it's theirs. Merit has been the sole determining factor of all our competitions for at least the last fifty years, if not all eternity.

The superior should supplant the inferior, but the inferior should not supplant the superior.

A is A.


Anyone who disagrees with any of these facts is lying, stupid, or both. Any clear headed review of the information that's already widely and freely available floating around the world would immediately come to these conclusions and no other. All of these conclusions are undebatably, incontestably true. All evidence, all observations, all science, all logic, all reason, all reality unanimously accords with these truths. It is evil to deny them.

It is subhuman to live a lie or be so obtuse as to not see the most basic truths right in front of your nose. Irrationality is equivalent to bestiality. Animals are no longer human and therefore lose all 'human rights.' Animals should be treated like animals.

It is evil to teach innocent, helplessly vulnerable children anything contrary to the truths stated above. Lying to children in their formative years is child abuse. Any parents who do so lose any parental claims on their children, and their children should be removed from them immediately.

* * *

Those Who Can See can see these things. Unfortunately, Those Who Decide Things have decided to weight the scale in favor of the blind. They damn well know the Emperor has no clothes, just like us, but they have malicious, selfish, or insane purposes that make them turn away from God and worship idols instead. There are none so blind as those who willfully, maliciously REFUSE to see.

Because they are in a position of power, they can intimidate or hoodwink the gullible, docile masses, otherwise known as sheeple.

And because the sheeple each educate their innocent babes from the cradle forward to embrace the same demented views, children swallow it whole and can't know any better. It might take decades for them to realize what they've been taught isn't in accordance with their own experiences. Sometimes they never realize it at all, and the cycle mindlessly repeats.

This is why Those Who Can See must become Those Who Decide Things. From a position of power, we can use the same tools they have used, but for Truth instead of Lies. And then the sheeple will teach their innocent babes Truth and teach them to see the face of God, instead of the worship of false, devil-inspired idols. The whole world will change forever, into a nigh-everlasting utopia. We are just a few lies away from utopia. The technology is already available, and so is the philosophy. Only the lies remain.

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