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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Long Wait Update: 3

Little Busters is going to be animated by J.C. Staff. J.C. Staff can have really bad art, like Bakuman, or really amazing art, like Railgun. It seems to depend on their mood. I dearly hope they take this project seriously and make Little Busters the best looking series they've ever drawn. Otherwise it will pale in comparison to its Key predecessors, Air, Kanon, and Clannad. But I think J.C. Staff has it in them if they try.

Now back to spring season anime first impressions:

Dusk Maiden: One of the best first halves to an anime episode ever, combined with one of the worst second halves. As an end result, we're looking at an average series. However, I don't see how the initial premise to this story can be entertaining for much longer. I get it, so there's a ghost. So now what? Why should I care? The show is so aimless.

Haiyore: A silly anime that almost tries to be bad. It has a lot of good, mainly self-referential, humor. Livable.

Upotte: A rather unique idea, but way too focused on delivering ecchi content. I'm okay with ecchi stories with good plots, like Papa no Iukoto and Strike Witches. But ecchi for ecchi's sake is a waste of time.

Kuroko no Basuke: I'm still not convinced Kuroko isn't a girl. At the very least he(?) is so girly that whenever he interacts with his manly man teammate it looks like they're a dating couple. In any case, if we can get over the vibes this show throws off, it's actually cool. The basketball felt realistic to watch and the plot, though simple, has a lot of inherent fun and drama to it. They have to beat five demons of basketball distributed across the land. Collection quests like this work every time.

Nazo no Kanojo: Ewwwww. No thanks.

Hiiro no Kakera: Girl is surrounded by cute, devoted boys who all have different personalities so she can pick and choose which pleases her most. I get it, girls want fantasies fulfilled just like boys, and I shouldn't complain about it, but man this idea is boring and stale. This isn't romance. True romance is Clannad, Toradora, or even Kimi ni Todoke. This is just trash.

Saki Achiga-hen captured the look and feel of Saki exactly, except with a higher budget it seems. I love it and everyone in it, instantly. It won't make much sense without watching Saki first, but the godlike premise of covering two different teams' journeys to the finals where they will play each other for the crown is one of the most unique storytelling ideas I've ever seen. I'm extremely excited about this series's, and Saki's, potential.

Fate/Zero was great like usual. I had already predicted the rest of fate/zero would be good and raised its rankings accordingly. Actually I did the same with Saki already, so mainly both have 'already happened' in my head and already gotten credit for what they are about to do.

Still to come: Jormungand, Sakamichi, Tsuritama, Hyoka, and Shining Hearts.

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