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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Liberal Narrative:

1) Genes don't matter. Everyone is born a blank slate. Anyone can be anything if they try hard.

2) Inequality between any two recognizable groups is unnatural and inexcusable. Someone somewhere must be maliciously causing the inequality because, after all, we're all born blank slates. This malicious being could exist now, or in the past. Because the past affects the present, the malicious group could still be forcing inequality on groups beyond the grave.

3) The proximate cause of inequality is poor morals, low education, and low income. But these are all, ultimately, caused by the malice of overseers who are keeping the oppressed groups down, now or in the past.

4) Therefore the worse oppressed groups perform, the more evil the oppressors become, and the even more victimized the victims are.

5) If anyone points out with disdain that oppressed groups are immoral, stupid, or welfare recipients, they're 'ignorant' and 'bigoted,' for not realizing that the victims aren't to blame for their human condition, but were forced into it by all-powerful oppressors, now or in the past.

6) Oppressed groups prove just how oppressed they were by their inequality. Therefore anyone else who claims they were oppressed too, and got over it, just must not have been oppressed as much as those who still remain unequal. They're also 'ignorant' of the awful psychological scars the oppressed suffer under that are infinitely worse than anything they, or their ancestors went through, by the very fact that the impact continues to reverberate to this very day.

7) Since some members of oppressed groups have succeeded in life, this proves all of them can innately, and genes don't matter. We just need to replicate the family circumstances, educational opportunities, and income levels of the succeeders, and encourage oppressed group members to work hard like role model x did. Obviously there is no genetic variation within oppressed groups that would allow some to succeed while others fail, just like there is no genetic variation between groups.

8) We are just about to 'turn the corner' on inequality. The new method being used in school x has already closed the inequality gap, and in a few years the whole issue will disappear like a bad dream.

9) Only losers are affected by black crime, affirmative action, or mass immigration, so who cares about their complaints anyway?

10) Anyone who disagrees with the liberal narrative, no matter how rich, well educated, or high status they are, even if they win a nobel prize like Watson or Shockley, instantly proves how 'ignorant,' 'stupid,' 'hateful,' and 'pathetic' they are. Anyone who assents to the liberal narrative is instantly a moral paragon, without ever having to do anything else in life.

The liberal narrative will end when the genes for intelligence are found, and they are found not to exist inside the black brain. It will end that very instant. More than free energy or artificial intelligence, finding the genes for intelligence is the most important scientific discovery possible, because it is the only discovery that can change our culture and thus the world. This discovery will probably happen in China, where people aren't fired for looking reality in the face. And now that sequencing technology has made genome sequencing fast and cheap, it will probably happen soon.

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Anonymous said...

We just need to ship all non-whites(including Jews) out of white countries. If the liberals love minorities so much, they can go with them. This will solve about 90% of our problems.

I don't know if we need to find an "intelligence" gene. Whites and East Asians are smart enough, everyone else (Blacks, American Indians, South Asians, Maori, Australian Aboriginals, Romani, ect...) aren't smart. It is as simple as that.