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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Interesting Scientific Breakthroughs:

Europeans were the first settlers of America. They were wiped out by later, Siberian American invaders:

So much for us being the bad guys.

Meat is now being grown in a petri dish. Not only is this more efficient, it's more humane, since no living, feeling being is hurt in any way, but people still get healthy, nutritious, tasty meat that's exactly like real meat because it is real meat.

We should switch to this style of meat eating as soon as possible. For the same reason we refuse to switch to the already available automated cars, no doubt this new technology will be ignored and forgotten too.

Scientists have turned a single atom into a working transistor, making way for the fastest imaginable computers. No doubt this will come in handy in our pursuit of Artificial Intelligence:

Scientific American's newest magazine reports that they've basically cured AIDS. A new therapy is cutting away a portion of the human genome that codes for the protein that HIV viruses use to enter helper T-Cells. Without the protein, the virus is helpless, and the immune system wins from there. The reason some people are naturally immune to AIDS was their lack of this protein, but now we can give that natural immunity to all of mankind.

Many solar and battery companies are predicting they will reach grid parity in the next ten years. Any number of inventions by rival companies, or combinations of said inventions between companies, could reach this point. The progress in the solar industry is such that nuclear power, coal, and even natural gas is becoming moot. However, it will take a very good battery to overcome oil when it comes to our transportation needs. Soon enough the best use of coal or natural gas will be to synthesize it into oil, leaving all of our electricity needs to solar:

Solar power is perhaps the most important invention in human history. Oil and coal was what gave mankind, for the first time, a standard of living higher than ancient Rome's. We used this abundant supply of energy to do superhuman feats like drive enormous tractors and ships around, which increased productivity to unimaginable heights to anyone pre-industrial age. Solar power will do the same thing.

Solar Power releases no pollutants, not even any greenhouse gasses. Solar Power does not use up a scarce resource, but will last billions of years. Solar Power is not located solely in dangerous, dictatorial, terrorist-sponsoring countries, but can be deployed nearly anywhere. All the drawbacks concerning fossil fuels do not apply to solar power. Once we have a limitless supply of energy that is universally available to all people, not just a lucky few oil baronies, which has no deleterious effects on the environment and will eventually be far cheaper than any fossil fuel source ever was at any time, the world will change.

Just imagine! The primary obstacle to achieving anything in this world, whether it's farming, transportation, computers, or manufacturing, is the price of energy. If energy is non-polluting, cheap, and unlimited, then basically all human goods will also become cheap and unlimited. Salt water can be turned into fresh water via cheap energy. Petri dish meat can be fed cheap energy and thus split into yet more tasty, nutritious meat for all. Computer servers can run their chips at any speed at virtually no price, because energy is cheap, and people can melt steel into any shape they please, because energy is cheap. Planes can fly around the world freely, because energy is cheap. There will be no material limits left to civilization once solar power comes fully online.

Due to inventions like these, the well-being of mankind will continue to increase no matter what our political parties are doing. No one is proposing to say, firebomb all the research centers of America, so it really doesn't matter who is elected this November.

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