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Saturday, February 25, 2012

If Race Realism Were Accepted Tomorrow:

1. Everyone could tell the truth for the first time in their lives, and they wouldn't be ostracized, fired, or put in jail for it.

2. All lawsuits regarding disparate impact or discrimination would end immediately. All affirmative action programs would end immediately. People would be hired, promoted, and paid based on merit, not racial quotas. Everyone would be where they were, college, workplace, army, wherever, because they deserved to be.

3. Immigrants would only be allowed in if they were a net benefit to the country instead of a net drain.

4. Birth control could finally be employed to reduce the wanton, irresponsible reproduction of children without the funds or fathers to support them. The state would no longer have to pay for individuals' misbehavior.

5. Law enforcement could be freed to finally get serious in their war against the criminal underclass and we could go back to the 1950's age of unlocked doors and children playing in the streets at any hour, anywhere.

6. The budget could be balanced as we stop throwing money down the black hole of fruitlessly attempting to change the unchangeably bad genes of the underclass. Alternatively, the freed up government spending could be used to much greater purpose, like clean energy or a space program.

7. The endless education apparatus, built to test IQ without actually testing IQ, could be scrapped. In its place, even 18 year olds, simply by passing an IQ test, could get well-paying, skilled jobs. The efficiency of the marketplace would double overnight.

8. Our history would be rewritten as a complete and total vindication of the higher races as they settled, conquered, and colonized the world, spreading civilization and prosperity wherever they went. The genuinely good races of the world would no longer have to bear the psychic burden of guilt for crimes they never committed, and could instead take pride in the history of their ancestors and their current existence in the world today.

9. Serious money and effort could be made into discovering the genes behind intelligence, morality, health, beauty, strength, or any other good trait, and then finding a way to share this genetic bounty with everyone, or at least with all newborns before they are born, recreating mankind in its most advanced image in the space of a single generation.

10. All racial animosities would end, because it would be proven forever that no one was keeping anyone else down, and every individual received exactly his merited dues, in the first truly colorblind society in history. Peace and love would flourish in a celebration of our vibrant diversity.

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