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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Suka Suka Rewatched:

I didn't really want to rewatch this series, which is why I kept putting it off until later.  The reason being is simple, I knew it would emotionally destroy me just like it did the first time I saw it.  Sure enough, I was already crying by the first scene in the first episode, then again when Scarborough Fair came on, then again in the second episode when the opening aired for the first time, then again, and again, and again, all throughout the series, over and over, all the way until Ren is dying, Elq shouts 'ganbare', and then of all things Scarborough Fair starts playing again. . .

Is this really a series one can enjoy?  It's almost as painful as Clannad After Story, or Little Busters!, or Da Capo II (all of whom had a hell of a lot more time than Suka Suka's meager 12 eps, which meant at least the pain was spread out further and didn't just do chain combos on you from start to finish.) And yet it must be admitted this sort of thing is the pinnacle of art.  Whether it's enjoyable or not aside, Suka Suka is monumental.  The reason we're truly human is because we can watch series like Suka Suka and get something out of them even though they're the exact opposite of enjoyable.

Suka Suka has proven itself by staying great even the second time around.  Actually, with all the extra knowledge I had of the surrounding setting, past, and future from the books, it might have even been better the second time around.

If you haven't watched Suka Suka yet, you should.

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