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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bolt isn't a great anime:

Episodes of Bolt will no longer count towards the length of Naruto's greatness.  Bolt is watchable, but it isn't canon.  Not really.  It isn't written by Kishimoto, and the people who are writing the series, both the manga and the television series, aren't as good and don't understand the characters they're writing about.

The Bolt episodes up until the poor movie adaption are still fine being counted because they were guided by Kishimoto's vision.  His Scarlet Spring episodes, the 7th Hokage's inauguration, chapter 700, the Mitsuki origin story and the Bolt movie were all written by Kishimoto, and the anime was just filling in the gaps between those moments, so it felt very organic.

After this everything just falls off the rails.  Bolt shouldn't share in the same glory as what came before, it's nowhere near the same level.  In fact, I think the story ends better with the Bolt movie that Kishimoto wrote, there shouldn't even be anything past that from a storytelling perspective.  Any additional lurking supervillain organizations just dilute the coolness of the previous villains and the heroes who overcame them.  It just feels like "so then what was the point of all that?"

I don't even consider Bolt to be a good manga, so it would be weird to keep counting it as part of a great anime.

Meanwhile, Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls finally came out in blu-ray today.  This covers the missing gap of episodes 6-25 which previously no one had released.  How many years has it been?  Three?  Well, I gave up long ago and already rewatched the television version, but for those who endured up until now, here's a perfect chance to watch (or rewatch) the series in its best and brightest form.

I got the achievement 'legendary campaign' for completing all 12 order hall campaigns representing each playable class.  It really was a legendary task.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest has begun serialization, so there's a new (old) manga to dive into.  This is legitimately written by Hiro Mashima and therefore a must.  You can tell just from the dialogue that it's the real deal.  Unlike Bolt, it feels exactly like what the characters would be saying.  It sure is nice having this, Blue Mistral and Eden's Zero all coming out together.  The age of Mashima has returned.

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