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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yuki Takada:

Rewatching New Game Season 1 was a wonderful experience.  The art was great:

And the voice acting was great.  Yuki Takada was virtually the same age as the character Aoba Suzukaze when she took on the job, so maybe it all came naturally to her.  But her ability to speak with a teasing voice, heartfelt voice, tired voice and considerate voice shows remarkable versatility.  Aoba was a complete person and it's all thanks to Yuki Takada.

Yuki Takada is the 123rd seiyuu to join my anime voices hall of fame, even though her role as Aoba is her only important role to date.  If you do just one thing well that's all it really takes.

The plot to New Game was also great, with all sorts of moving human drama filtering between hilarious-even-the-second-time jokes.  The best scene in the season was when the opening fmv for the game was revealed in all its glory to the very girls who worked so hard to make it at an E3 convention.  The realization that they'd really worked together to create something of such magnificence is something only Super Bowl winners usually get to feel.

New Game Season 2 still isn't out in blu-ray, so I guess next up for rewatching is Kemono Friends.

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