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Monday, April 9, 2018

Let's not invade Syria mmkay?:

There's no proof Assad is behind the latest gas attack, or any of the gas attacks for that matter.  There's no proof the gas attacks even happened and aren't just being staged by crisis actors.  It is a common war tactic to blame your enemy of atrocities in order to inspire pity and support from a third party.  Remember the babies being disconnected from incubators in Kuwait?  Made up story to generate support for US intervention.  Remember the babies being bayoneted in Belgium?  Made up story during World War I to generate support for US intervention.

We should stop falling for made up stories.  Unless there's actual proof which neutral third parties can agree is true, like say China or India, then the US should just file this incident under the 'unsolved mysteries' folder.

Remember Iraq's nonexistent WMD?  The Gulf of Tonkin?  The Maine?  Katyn Forest? (the Soviets did it but blamed it on the Nazis, and at the time the Allied powers believed the Soviets).  The attack on the USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair?  Operation Gladio?  The Lusitania?

There have been endless false flags across American history, and most of the time we've been fooled into war by them.  Every war starts with fake news and then spirals out of control from there.  We need to learn from history and stop being such helpless saps all the time.  We are not ringers who go win wars for other people based on sob stories.  Our purpose in life isn't to fall for every con-man who ever lived.

Just a few days ago Trump said we were going to be leaving Syria.  Doesn't the timing of the strike seem unnatural?  Russia said the rebels were planning on staging a false flag gas attack weeks ago in precisely the place it supposedly happened.  Isn't that odd?

Isn't it strange that Assad would suddenly feel the need to resort to chemical weapons in a battle he's easily winning, in the middle of a war he's easily winning, just by using conventional weapons?  What is the supposed motive of his sudden tactical twist, which does nothing except anger the United States and invite intervention, which would result in his personal death and his country's destruction?

Does anyone think a rational person would order this kind of attack?  And if Assad is crazy, why has he successfully stayed in power for as long as he has, and why haven't any of his underlings thrown him out in a coup due to his mad behavior jeopardizing the nation?  Can madmen really be respected and obeyed for decades?

There's simply no explanation for how Assad could have possibly ordered this attack.  It doesn't fit the facts on the ground.  If people want to insist that Assad really did order this attack, then they must satisfactorily answer all the questions listed above.  It's not good enough to just say 'we're the mainstream media, trust us.'  Or, 'We're the CIA, trust us.'  No one is going to trust people with shadowy motives, generally not in line with our own, just on blind faith, without any proof and any explanation as to why Assad would do such a thing.

1/3 of millennials don't even believe the world is round.  If we're no longer willing to trust authorities on subjects like that, obviously "trust us" isn't going to cut it when it comes to dubious, counterproductive gas attacks.

Trump seemed very savvy on the campaign trail, when he argued against war in the middle east.  He also was savvy when he suggested, correctly, as it turned out, that the bomb threats done against Jewish synagogues were a false flag attack.  The press excoriated him for that opinion, and yet a week later or so it turned out to really be an Israeli behind the hate hoaxes.  Where did that savvy Trump who understood the concept behind false flag attacks go?  Why did he immediately tweet that Assad was an animal and Putin an enabler when this smells way more fishy than the bomb threat guy ever was?

What happened to the cool Trump we all knew and loved?  If Trump would just speak truth to power, his position as the president could completely undermine the 'authority' of the press and the deep state, which is obviously conspiring to get us into an unwanted war with Syria.  If he just used the legitimacy of his position to speak up for the many Americans who realize this is a false flag, we would have the power to push back against the narrative.  But if no one in official power suggests it's a false flag, the rest of us are just left twisting in the wind as 'kook nobodies.'

Trump, you said you were for the forgotten man.  We who understand the concept of false flags are your constituency.  We're the only people who believe you over the word of the lying media, FBI, CIA, etc.  You used to understand the concept of false flags just a year ago.  Why not mention the concept again?  Where did last year's Trump go?

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