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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nanoha Reflection Manga:

In an ironic twist, Nanoha Reflection's side story manga is being translated, even while the main manga, Nanoha Vivid, is not.  I guess we have to take what we can, right?  This comes as a nice reinforcement to a beleaguered industry.

Meanwhile, I added four new songs to my music hall of fame, all from the Bakemonogatari anime franchise.  Chiwa Saitou sang two of them, so she joins the ranks of my '2 songs but still not eminent' list.  Supercell composed one of them, so, combined with his Kabaneri song, he joined said list as well.

The last song was by Yui Horie, who moved up from ten songs to her credit to eleven in my 'top 200 eminent composers/performers' list.  In total that's now 4287 songs, 10.9 days in length.

If nothing else, rewatching Bakemonogatari has netted me some nice new songs.  Trying to view things in chronological order is maddeningly difficult, though.  You have to skip any interaction Koyomi has with Ougi until after Ougi's actual introduction, which occurs in October in the timeline.  But even though Monogatari 2nd season largely deals with events in August, Ougi is showing up everywhere like it's natural for her to be there.  When it isn't.  She hasn't even been introduced yet.  So the correct way to watch it is 'watch for Ougi, when she appears, skip ahead until she's no longer there, continue watching.'  Then, after watching Ougi Formula and Sodachi Riddle, you can go back and watch the Ougi segments seen in Monogatari 2nd Season.  Of course, don't forget all the random interspersed short stories from Koyomimonogatari either. . .

Ugh.  Even with a guide, I've messed up and started watching things out of order.  What a stupid series.  All stories should always be in chronological order, because this is a universe of causes and effects, and it makes no sense to narrate effects without first telling us about their causes.  That would be like saying this world is just a maelstrom of random and chaotic events, without any purpose, meaning, rhyme or reason.  No good story can come from such a nihilistic pose.

I'm trying out Alice Tale next in terms of web novels, but at the very least it isn't as interesting as my Bakemonogatari rewatch, so I haven't made much progress.

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