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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Fate/Apocrypha available in blu-ray:

Fate/Apocrypha wasn't as good as the original series, but it's a hell of a lot better than Last Encore.  A solid addition to a sprawling franchise.  Now it can be viewed in blu-ray thanks to the folks over at

Meanwhile, a new Shirobako movie has been announced.  A lot of recent anime sequels are being released as movies.  Out of my eagerly awaited anime releases list, 18 of them are upcoming movies, versus just 11 upcoming tv series.  The rest are ova's or undetermined.  Obviously tv series are a lot more exciting than movies because they have tons of more content and they come out in a timely fashion, compared to movies that take years to reach American audiences.

It used to be that anime movies were restricted to Ghibli releases and everything else was a tv series, but no longer.  Now we're lucky when anything is announced to run on tv.  This is why the tv series of Index S3, SAO S3 and Fairy Tail S3 are so vital to a healthy anime industry.  They're practically the only serious, long-running projects in town.

I'm sure the Shirobako movie will be good, but it obviously won't be as good as a season 2 would have been.  Maybe they just didn't have enough good ideas to fill up a whole new season, in which case they can't be blamed.  But I was hoping for a season 2.

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