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Monday, April 23, 2018

Breath of Fire V, Gradius V and Lord of Vermilion 2 Music:

Unlike 'basiscape' games, where who knows who's composing what, these three games were composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Admittedly, most of Vermilion 2's music wasn't composed by Sakimoto, but at least it was made clear who composed what so I could just skip the riffraff.  Breath of Fire V and Gradius V are pure Sakimoto, though.

Due to Vermilion 2's composite nature, I only got 4 new good songs from the soundtrack.  (Vermilion 1, by Nobuo Uematsu, only had 1 good song, so Sakimoto still looks pretty good in comparison.)

Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter was another story.  This game is old enough that it's still made in Sakimoto's classical style, which is how all his best songs are composed.  This music wouldn't feel out of place if it were in Final Fantasy 12.  This game netted me 17 new entries to my music hall of fame.  There were actually plenty more good songs from the soundtrack but the environment was so target rich I felt like I could afford to be choosy.

Lastly came Gradius V.  Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the electronica genre so the whole style of the music was no good.  I don't even like Starcon II's soundtrack, so what hope does a poor imitation have?  As a result this soundtrack came up empty.

All in all that's 21 more Sakimoto songs added to my hall of fame.  Sakimoto's new personal total is 316 songs, 30 more than his rival Yasunori Mitsuda, putting him firmly in third place again.

The hall of fame as a whole has 4823 songs, 10.8 days of continuous listening.  Not bad, but so long as there are still undiscovered treasures out there (like Breath of Fire's soundtrack) there's always room for more.

*My Good Music permapost has been updated to include all the new additions and deletions in a nice clean readable format.  There shouldn't be any more low lying fruit as far as Sakimoto games go, so maybe I can just relax and enjoy my already acquired music until Valkyria 4 comes out. . .

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