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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Rokka no Yuusha is Better than I thought:

The anime is probably properly ranked at #168.  But that says nothing about the quality of the light novels.  The entire anime only adapts the very first book.  So now that it has six books, if it were fully animated, the anime would be six times as good as it is now.

This makes for crazy results, like that Rokka no Yuusha is a better light novel series than Suka Suka, despite Suka Suka being twice as highly ranked as Rokka no Yuusha -- #83 in anime.  But I think this is true.

Suka Suka's author only really wrote three good books, the first three of the Suka Suka series.  After finishing the third book of Rokka no Yuusha, I can say that all three were fantastic, but in addition the next two are sure to be great too.  This would put Rokka no Yuusha's overall corpus as ahead of Suka Suka's.  But the Suka Suka anime adapted all three of the best novels in Suka Suka -- Rokka no Yuusha only adapted one novel.  And thus the contradictory results.

Rokka no Yuusha not only makes my good books list, and high up in the list, it's also become a premier wish in my anime wishlist for a second season.  I know that will never happen, it only sold 400 copies per volume the first time around, but I think it's important to signal how great a 2nd season of Rokka no Yuusha would be.  We're really missing out here.

Everyone needs to start reading this light novel series.  It's fantastic, the perfect mix of mystery and action.  Each book we get to learn more about a new character and the overall plot thickens.  I guess my only complaint with the series is that it's not done, and it may never be completed, since the author seems to write excruciatingly slowly.

I cannot understand why the anime sold so poorly.  It was perfect.  Riveting from start to finish, with huge production value poured into it.  Why didn't people support this show?  It's such a waste that we never got to see these subsequent books animated, they're just as good as the original.

Once I'm a billionaire, the first thing I'll do is resume the production of the Rokka no Yuusha anime to its rightful conclusion.

Meanwhile, I got a little more serious about listening to my hall of fame music at least 100 times, by separating out the music I've already heard 100 times from the rest.  Now every song I hear takes me one step closer to my goal.  It's still a huge list though, because I'm basing it on how many times I've heard it since I started my project on this computer, not across my entire lifetime, because I figure music that's lain dormant for a while is equally as 'new' as songs I've never heard before for the purposes of this trial by fire.

I also discovered that Rocket Girls is actually based off of a light novel series, not an original anime like I thought.  The author was promptly added to my good books list, since Rocket Girls is an excellent anime.  It also means that if just one more light novel based great anime is added to my rankings, it will equal the number of original anime in my rankings.  It's getting neck and neck now.

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