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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Rewatched:

To establish a series' greatness, not only must I watch an anime in full, I must also rewatch it in full within two years of its original airing.  There are exceptions though -- if an HD version is pending I can indefinitely delay my rewatch in order to see it in HD/blu-ray.  Also, if more of the series has aired since then, each time new additional content comes out that resets the timer.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 aired in 2016, so it was about time I rewatched it, but I couldn't do that until the blu-ray came out, which was only a week or so ago.  Now that it's out I was able to jump right on it and get this mandated task done.

What other 2016 series have I failed to rewatch?  Fate/Grand Order, Dragon Ball, Pretty Cure, One Piece, and Bake-(etc)-monogatari are all shows still airing in 2018 so they can be ignored.

Tales of Zestiria the X and Kyoukai no Rinne aired in 2017 so the timer was reset to 2019, though these are clearly the next highest priorities.

New Game and Berserk had more content come out in 2017 and the new content still isn't out in blu-ray, so there's two reasons to hold off from rewatching these shows.

Everything else from 2016 I've successfully rewatched already.

Sailor Moon was the only emergency, everything else I can put off for a year without issue if I wanted.  But I plan to finish Kyoukai no Rinne and Tales of Zestiria the X a little bit quicker than that.

I've even rewatched some series from 2017, like Rewrite, Planetarian, Eromanga Sensei and various ova's, so I'm making good time considering it hasn't even been a year yet.  Because 2017 had so little new good anime come out, it'll be even easier to rewatch it all.

I guess I can relax and watch a lot less anime this year, which is a good thing considering I have the Olympics and the World Cup to accompany me anyway.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem with my music hall of fame is that the wide variety of music all comes at different volumes.  Things can go from inaudibly quiet to ear splittingly loud even with the speakers and internal computer volume set the exact same.  Which means every time a new song starts, every couple minutes, I have to manually adjust the volume to a pleasing average just to hear it.

itunes supposedly has an internal system for correcting these imbalances, but it doesn't work.  For one thing, even when you max out the volume correction, songs can still be way too quiet to hear.  For another, some songs get 'stuck' at a low adjustment that turns out to be too low, but there's no way to get your music back to average volume again afterwards.  I had to redownload all of FF Crystal Chronicles just to abolish this stupid bug.  Lastly, many songs completely forget your adjustment the moment the song ends, so the problem just resumes itself the next time around in an eternal loop.

Since itunes can't get its shit together, I downloaded an external app called mp3gain.  Supposedly this will adjust all my songs to be the exact same baseline volume, so I'll never have to fiddle with my music's volume again.  This would save me endless time and frustration, I think it would double the fun of listening to my music.  Rather than getting more songs, my music hall of fame is now best served by better software to play it with.  The content side is settled, now it's all about getting the interface right.  If mp3gain actually works, I'll be in true auditory heaven forevermore.  I already have my longed for 10 days of no-remixes-songs.  If they were all the right volume as well I'd have nothing left to complain about in life.

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