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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Motoi Madness!:

I thought it was silly to not at least try out my #1 most prolific composer, Motoi Sakuraba's other works.  What if his music were as good in Baten Kaitos as in Tales?  I'd just be missing all these great songs for no reason.

So I went off on a crusade to gather up all his famous music.  For some reason it's harder to get than usual, but if you just scour the internet long enough all things become possible.

I gathered two full days of new music from all sorts of series.  Star Ocean is probably the biggest prize though.  My favorite songs from Star Ocean 3 are in my hall of fame, but I didn't have any music from any of the other games, despite having deep respect for the franchise.  This should soon be alleviated (Just as soon as SO 4-5 actually finish downloading. . .)

Now I just have to test the songs out to see whether they merit inclusion into my music hall of fame.  I don't want to flood my playlist with Motoi madness, so I'm going to be a tough judge this time around.  Only the very best should be getting in.

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