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Friday, January 19, 2018

Death March is #110:

By the first episode I realized Death March is a great anime.  By the second episode I was able to reliably place it at its true value, the #110 best anime of all time.  It's difficult to get much higher than this with just 12 episodes -- No Game no Life is only #113 for instance -- so this is high praise.

Since I was adjusting Death March's ranking, I decided I may as well tidy up all the other entries too.  Rewrite, UQ Holder, and Wake Up, Girls! had all disappointed me recently, so they plummeted downwards.  In Rewrite and UQ Holder's case, almost to the very bottom.  I can't forgive the amount of filler these series pollute themselves with, despite their wonderful sources.  In Wake Up, Girls!' case, I consider the new season to be trash, mainly because it has the lowest animation budget I've ever seen in an anime.  Shin Sho is an absolute disgrace, so the franchise as a whole actually lost ground due to its having been made.

Yama no Susume's latest oav was amazing, so it rose dramatically, all the way to #99, in anticipation of the coming 3rd season.  If it's going to stay at this level it deserves to be a top 100 series.

Little Busters! anime was a better rendition of the visual novel than I had presumed, so it rose up to #11.

Other series moved around as well, Yuuki Yuuna lost some ground due to it still having a very deus ex machina ending.  The World God Only Knows lost a lot of ground for not being a complete adaption.  Card Captor Sakura rose a lot because the new season is better than I expected.  In the end, though, most series stayed at about the same spot as before.  I was looking to update the rankings, not revolutionize them.

Once I finally reach a top 200 anime list, I'll be able to discard filler-plagued series like Rewrite for purer alternatives as they're released.  This means I'll have no problem adding additional series for years to come, in fact they'll be a huge relief, because I'll stop having to care about series with such serious flaws as those found in the likes of Negima.  I'm looking forward to the day anime has no weak points even all the way down to its 200th best member.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Children of the Fleet by O.S. Card.  It's clever writing, but I can't say it's very soulful.  Why should I care about these characters?  Card never answers that question.  He's way too caught up on proving how smart his protagonist is to bother writing about emotions.  There's also a heavy liberal slant to his writing I find annoying.  We're a long ways from the eugenics of Ender's Game, that's for sure.

I'm only 1/3 of the way through judging my plethora of Motoi Sakuraba songs, but there's already been a nice haul of music at least comparable to the quality of Tales.  The undertaking was definitely worthwhile.

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