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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beatless Dropped:

In the first episode this robot girl was displayed as one of five super androids who had broken out of their manufacturing facility, which the army had gone to suppress.  However, the androids overpowered the army and fanned out across the city to rampage as they pleased.

These machines are still rogue fugitives from justice, and yet now one of them has chosen to be a model and walk around the city with national limelight attention.  On top of that, the army has suddenly disappeared and displays no interest whatsoever in this development.  This is ridiculous.

Plus the male lead is one of these worthless herbivores who blushes and stammers around women, never making the obvious sexual advances anyone would in the situation he's in.  He's just an embarrassment to men.

The setting is stupid too.  In a world where humanoid robots are everywhere, no one would be making a big deal over them in the streets.  They would just fade into the background, with no one getting happy or angry to see them.  People's emotional equilibrium adjusts to any environment.  If the environment is stable the people's mood should be stable.  The faults just go on and on.

Meanwhile, I finished Children of the Fleet and moved on to the mageborn series.  The first chapter was okay so we'll see how it goes.  I'm listening to golden sun right now.  After that is shining ark and only then will I finally get to hear my star ocean collection.  Eternal Sonata's soundtrack was really good, so Star Ocean is going to have to up its game if it wants to compete.

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