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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yama no Susume ova translated:

Doki gave us a great Christmas present with the release of the new Yama no Susume ova.  The budget for this ova is crazy good, everything looks great and the motion is super fluid.  The kawaii factor of the girls is double the standard fare.  But the emotional impact of the episode is ten times what you would expect.

Between the one two punch of beauty and heart, this ova ended up being better than the entire year's worth of One Piece episodes.  Between all the other festivities, this ova is a must-see event.  This marks the 34th great anime franchise to be represented in 2017, still the smallest number since 2008, but almost perfectly matching my prediction in January.

The Last Jedi was okay.  Finn's entire storyline was a waste of time, going nowhere and achieving nothing, full of mindless platitudes which can't actually hold water under scrutiny.  Kylo Ren and Rey were the drivers of the narrative and did a good job.  As usual, the explosions were cool, but why is it that no one has ever thought to ram an enemy fleet at light speed in all of the previous movies up until now?  It's such a ridiculous plot hole for such a powerful weapon to have never been utilized up until this point, when light speed is a well known technology that's been in use for millennia before now.  And you're telling me this is the first woman to have ever thought of using it in this way?  Come on.

Oh well.  I feel like this movie was even worse than Force Awakens, but still better than the average western fare.

It's pathetic how Yama no Susume can do a short story on a shoestring budget and be infinitely better than the west's greatest franchise, but I guess I've gotten used to it by now.

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