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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Good Music Permapost Upgraded:

The first version of my Good Music permapost had a lot of rough edges, so I've been working towards an overhaul.  Today that process is complete.

All the artists' names are in English, so people can actually know what they're looking at and who I'm talking about.

No two song titles are the same name, they're all genuinely different songs and now people can tell that.

All the columns are aligned.

Everything is in alphabetical order (by album).

No weird gaps.

As much as possible, the actual artist is in the artist name category, not just the name of a company or unknown or something.  For instance, Howard Shore is the composer of Lord of the Rings now, not 'Lord of the rings.'  This applies to basically everything except Mega Man, where the actual artist is too difficult to find out.

The songs Nobuo Uematsu composed from Chrono Trigger are correctly attributed to Nobuo Uematsu now.

Other misc. improvements. . .

If people were scared away by the unprofessionalism of my good music permapost the first time around, I don't blame them.  I wasn't satisfied with it either.  But now I can proudly trot out the revised version so I encourage people to give it another try.  4289 songs that everyone in the world should be listening to.  Everyone wants more good music in their life, right?  Well here's the resource to find it with.

I keep thinking my music hall of fame project is done, and then keep finding new ways to improve it.  But at least it's done again for now.  My Good Music 2.0 version is worthy of its permapost status.

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