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Monday, August 7, 2017

Good Music 3.0:

I noticed that I had the music to Heroes of Might and Magic II-VII, but not the actual original one.  Checking that music out, it turns out it was by Paul Romero.  Now we at least have verified who the lead composer is for this franchise (until now it could just as easily have been Rob King).  It had four more great songs I added to the hall of fame, so my good music post had to be updated.  (Now 4293 songs)

Since I was updating anyway, I also did a lot of work identifying who wrote exactly what song when it came to multiple composers given credit for the same soundtrack.  I was able to correctly identify a lot of these people, which means people are actually being given the credit they are due for the first time.  There were also times when artists like 'key' needed to be replaced by 'Jun Maeda' and 'Namco Studios' with 'Motoi Sakuraba.'

After all the cleaning up and clearing up was done, my Good Music permapost has received yet another upgrade both aesthetically and informatively.  Now's the time to check it out for all your music needs.

Meanwhile, the war on right-wingers continues.  The google employee who suggested nature might be the cause of differences between groups, not nurture, and therefore it would be impossible to remain a meritorious organization while also closing all the various 'gaps,' was fired.  In Alabama, a grandfather and grandson's house was invaded and they were killed by a vigilante raiding party of blacks for daring to fly the confederate flag on their porch.  Though this isn't technically illegal in America yet, it still bears the death penalty in reality.

Youtube is refusing to host any content from a right-wing point of view, however watered down.

And, of course, Trump is somehow under investigation by a grand jury for 'colluding with Russia' despite there never having been any evidence of this charge after years of wiretapping everyone around him.

While we continue to play around and try to obey the 'rule of law,' the other side is just summarily murdering, shutting down, indicting and firing their enemies.  When will we wake up to this rigged, one-sided game?  Do you think it's going to get any better?  It's been getting worse for fifty years running.  It's only going to get even worse from here.  How does ducking your head and pretending not to see anything help?  How will that be a force for change?

We crossed the line for the necessity of a civil war the moment the New York Times approvingly ran an article about how yes, people should just summarily punch nazis rather than allow them freedom of speech.  First off, according to the rule of law, Nazis in America do have free speech, so the New York Times right then declared itself in a state of open rebellion.  Second off, anyone to the right of Hillary is automatically a nazi according to these people, so they actually just stated that it was open season on half of America with that article.  When one half of America says the other half of America is outside the law and you can just kill them at will on sight, that's a declaration of civil war.  I have no idea how this one-sided violence continues and no response is ever given by the victimized half.

Why don't all the white males working for google quit and form their own, new Google?  They could outcompete the diversity-laden Google in a couple weeks and take their entire market share.  Why doesn't anyone even act in their own self-defense?  Over half of the employees at Google agreed with this guy.  He was fired.  Why don't they all quit in protest and bring this company down to its knees?  Why are they all such worthless cowards?

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