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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer 2017 Anime First impressions Part 2:

Princess Principal:  For such a strange premise, the story is surprisingly good.  Though it's hard to take these cute girls seriously as spies, the beautiful art and animation allows us to suspend our doubts and just enjoy the car chases and gun fights.  The swiftness of violence is something lacking in most series and is always welcome.  The atmosphere, costume, and set design is just amazing.  This show could go far.  Pass.

Jikan no Shihaisha:  Another terrible story meant for girls.  The guys are total assholes that no guy would put up with for five seconds.  Fail.

Tenshi no 3p:  From the maker of Ro-Kyu-Bu, we get something very similar to Ro-Kyu-Bu.  Similar to Ro-Kyu-Bu is near the top of all anime, so what we got was something very similar to a top ranking anime.  One episode isn't enough to judge anything by, so we'll need to check back in in the next couple weeks to be sure.  But this is pretty assured of a ranking.  The formula just plain works.  Elementary school girls who try hard at something adults struggle at but succeed in all the same while glowing with radiant wings and halos because they're so charming can't go wrong.  Pass.

Isekai Smartphone:  This is a lighthearted and fun isekai story.  The guy is way too overpowered but I guess this is a comedy and so the fights were never central to the idea anyway.  I love how openly they push how great smart phones are at every opportunity.  I'm pretty sure a phone company sponsored this anime.  Pass.

Clione no Akari:  A story about bullying.  I would be interested, but it's a short, and only fantastic shorts are worth following.  In fact, the only short series I can even think of that was worthwhile was Yama no Susume.  If you aren't on that level it's just not worth the effort.  Fail.

Nora to Oujo:  Another short.  But this one was actually bad on top of being a short.  Fail.

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e:  I was under the wrong impression concerning this story coming in.  I thought it would be a fantasy action series, but it's actually an Oregairu clone.  That's okay.  Oregairu is a good series, so if you're similar to it you're on the right track.  The art is fantastic, and when combined with the interesting plot and memorable characters this is at least watchable.  Pass.

Gamers:  I had high expectations for this show because it's by the writer of Seitokai no Ichizon.  It's impossible to be as good as a two season series in just one episode, but it doesn't appear like this author's game has slipped any.  It was a hilarious first episode with plenty of endearing moments.  At this rate, it probably won't be ranked, but it's another solid show in what's looking like a crowded summer season.  Pass.

That's all the new series of the summer season.  There's no Eromanga Sensei or Suka Suka or Youjo Senki in the whole bunch, but there might be some shows as good as Kemono Friends or BanG Dream! by the end of their runs.  I have no complaints.

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