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Friday, July 14, 2017

Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume 14 Complete:

Hataraku is one of the 33 light novel series in my hall of fame and thus required reading.  But luckily, I needed something to entertain my eyes while my ears paid careful attention to my 'other anime' playlist, so I wanted to be reading something anyway.

Volume 14 happened to be a series of short stories, none of which had any relationship to the plot, but were just about daily life and characterization.  I don't feel like the stories added anything we didn't know already via context, but whatever, it filled up my music listening time well.

Hopefully volume 15 is translated before I forget what's going on with the plot, since this volume did nothing to help reinforce my memory.  Sometimes I wish light novel series weren't so long.  I mean, Fred Saberhagen managed to write a perfectly good series with just The First Book of Swords, The Second Book of Swords, and The Third Book of Swords.  Remember those days?  Well, granted, he then went on to write a gigantic lost swords series (which were also good, but nowhere near as good as the original trilogy).  But still!

Kizumonogatari 3 had a comical fighting scene I approved of, but I do think it's rather convenient that the solution 'everyone would be disappointed by' actually has no real drawbacks and everyone is perfectly happy with.  The author is trying to sell the idea that there are no easy outs in life, but in fact gives an easy out to his character.  I guess it was necessary because Shinobu and Araragi are too good characters to kill either off, but then the author shouldn't have threatened to kill them in the first place, now should he?  So much for Kizu, I want August to hurry up so I can watch owari already.

I'm about 60% of the way through my 'other anime' playlist, and have so far upgraded 51 songs to my 10 star anime top tier.  This tier was feeling lonely after the hundreds of visual novel based songs left, so I'm glad to infuse it with some fresh blood.

The most aggravating aspect to this music project is all the music I used to own but inexplicably no longer have access to anymore.  For instance, I have a cd binder full of music from boy rock bands, like NIN and Smashing Pumpkins, but no devices that can read music off of cds anymore.  Cd's are obsolete, so the whole binder is worthless.  As a result, my boy rock playlist consists solely of Erasure and Enigma.  Not a bad selection, but still. . .

And then there's anime soundtracks I know I used to have because I remember listening to them, like Flame of Recca and Crest of the Stars.  But they're nowhere to be found on my computer anymore, they exist solely as memory phantasms.  Where did they go?  Why on Earth would I have deleted them?  Is it possible for files to slowly just disappear off a hard drive without the computer ever mentioning it?  Why do I have Noir's ost II but not ost I?  This is madness.

But oh well.  Even as things stand we're talking about nearly 10,000 songs across my various playlists, so maybe I can just make do with what I already have and stop worrying about what could have been.

Once I finish fishing for good music from my 'other anime' playlist to put into my 10 star, Boy Rock will be split into two tiers, top and bottom.  With just two bands to work with it'll go rather quickly.

Star Classical then becomes my next project.  I need to listen through all these classical pieces and make sure they're worthy of a top tier status.  I'd also like to add Star Wars music to the list.  I used to own all the Star Wars music, but that's just one more thing that mysteriously vanished over time.

Once that's done, I think I'll go back to editing my video game music.  I don't believe five tiers are necessary or serve any purpose.  I just need one tier for music I'm always happy to hear, and one tier for music I'm only occasionally happy to hear.  Perhaps a third tier like Girl Rock has since there's just so much video game music.  But five is clearly overkill.

If I can just listen to my video game music songs once and then properly classify them in the 'must-hear' or 'no big deal if you don't hear' categories, I feel like I could get a lot more out of my vgm than my current five tier system serves.

Once I've finished editing my vgm playlists, it will be possible to create a master list which includes the top tiers from every genre -- or in other words a musical hall of fame.  That's what every song is fighting to reach, inclusion into my overarching hall of fame top tier playlist.  You can be Eastern or Western, ancient or modern, boy or girl, but for whichever genre you have to be at the top if you want to enter the music hall of fame.

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