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Monday, July 3, 2017

Breaking Down Sarah Brightman:

Sarah Brightman has an enormous repertoire of 180 songs.  Of them, 96 are masterpieces.  That's almost twice as many as the second best singer, Loreena McKennitt.  It's even longer in terms of pure song time, at 6 hours, 43 minutes vs. 4 hours 45 minutes.  However, it is fair to point out that Sarah's percentage of hits to non-hits is a mere 53%, whereas Loreena's is 60%.

So, Sarah Brightman is the most prolific great singer in the world, who has more great music than anyone else, but she isn't strictly superior to Loreena.  When Loreena puts out an album, she means it.  Sarah's more of a splatter paint against the wall type.

I think it's reasonable to say that Sarah Brightman is the greatest rock performer in history, though.  96 hits.  96 masterpieces.  It just blows everyone else out of the water.  I don't think Tori Amos or Vanessa Carlton can possibly match that, so even though the contest is still formally ongoing, it's really all over.  Sarah is queen of the universe, the avatar of all voice-kind.

Sarah is also from the British Isles, this time a proper Englishwoman.  I revere that archipelago.  What is in the water over there?

At least half the world has listened to Sarah Brightman sing, since she performed during the Beijing and Barcelona Olympics.  I suspect over half the world has heard her by now, with her illustrious career winding through Phantom of the Opera, disco music, and everything else.  Wherever she goes, all across the world in tours, she's greeted by loving fans in the millions.  It is not unexpected that I would also be under her spell.  I think she's pretty much the consensus greatest voice to ever grace the Earth.

Sarah Brightman also has a certain level of humility to her which is really charming.  She'll often sing songs from Beethoven, Mozart, Christmas Carols, covers of older rock musicians, Irish folk tunes like Scarborough Fair, she's okay if it isn't her composing, so long as she feels the song is deserving.  Amazing Grace, Ave Maria, Silent Night, Dust in the Wind, if you want a classic, amazing tune, then guess what, Sarah Brightman sang that.  You can go to Brightman for virtually all your music needs.

This doesn't mean she can't compose her own music.  Boy can she.  Her own songs are right up there with the borrowed classics.  Harem, Eden, Fleur de Mals, Symphony, Angel, The Second Element, Arrival. . .

Looking at her corpus album to album, it breaks down like this:

As I Came of Age:                12 listenable
Classics:                                  2 listenable, 4 actual music,  1 masterpiece.
Dive:                                       3 listenable, 8 actual music,  4 masterpiece.
Dreamchaser:                         1 listenable, 4 actual music,   7 masterpiece.
Encore:                                   6 listenable, 5 actual music,   1 masterpiece.
Fly:                                         1 listenable, 7 actual music, 13 masterpiece.
Sarah Brightman in Concert: 3 listenable,                            1 masterpiece.
The Songs that Got Away:     3 listenable
A Winter Symphony:             1 listenable, 2 actual music, 11 masterpiece.
Harem:                                   1 listenable, 3 actual music, 12 masterpiece.
La Luna:                                                     1 actual music, 14 masterpiece.
Symphony:                                                 4 actual music,   5 masterpiece.
Love Changes Everything:                         3 actual music,  3 masterpiece.
Time to Say Goodbye:                               3 actual music,  9 masterpiece.
Eden:                                                                                  15 masterpiece.

By a small margin, Eden is her best album, with a 100% masterpiece rate, over La Luna which has one normal song.  Dreamchaser is her latest album, and like usual it's weaker than her early works.  But it's not that much weaker, which is impressive.  She's still got it.  I would love for Sarah Brightman to release another album.  Let's aim for 100 hits!

Next up is Tori Amos.  She has a lot of music, so this is going to take a while.  I don't predict very favorable results.

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