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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yama no Susume Season 3 Greenlit:

Yama no Susume is returning in 2018.  There's also an ova which will be screening in Japan in 2017, but we probably won't see it until 2018, so just lump it in with the tv season.

Yama no Susume is a wonderful show combining two things I love, cute girls and hiking.  Its only weakness, and the reason it is ranked so low, is due to its shortness.  The first season's episodes were like two minutes long a piece, and the second season wasn't much better, perhaps being 10 minutes a piece.  Hopefully season 3 will finally graduate into being a normal length anime, but even if it doesn't, every little bit of length helps.

Meanwhile, Dal Segno has been slated for release June 30.  The 18+ patch will come out later, though.  It's nice to see something I said was on the horizon actually appearing on the horizon though.

I found three more instrumental remixes of vocal songs and had them promptly replaced.  One interesting twist on this is my finding a vocal remix of an originally instrumental song.  In this case, both the instrumental and the vocal song can remain, the instrumental for being the original and the vocal for adding its unique assets to the melody.

I now own 68 different Magic decks.  After building three new ones yesterday, I managed to include every card I bought over the years into one deck or another, giving each and every one of them a purpose and a home.  As for cards that were gifted to me, they require no such consideration, so I still have piles of them sitting around unused.  Many Magic cards I've bought thinking they were great have turned out to be real duds, so the decks they're included in are obviously going to be very weak.  But sometimes quality isn't the goal, participation is good enough.  So long as they're doing something and playing against someone, no matter how weak, the purchase wasn't in vain.  I didn't waste my money if I can still have fun with the deck, however little.

I actually find that weaker Magic decks are more fun.  Strong decks all rely on free (in terms of no mana cost) cards and weird combos.  They make a mockery of the original game which was meant to be a competitive battlefield full of creatures attacking and blocking.  But the weaker decks still rely on spells cast with normal amounts of mana that go and fight each other fair and square.  They're a callback to the original, interactive, intent of the game.

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