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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Really? Really! Complete:

Really? Really! was the ultimate backlogged item.  It came out in English June 6th, 2014.  I finished it almost exactly three years later, June 6th, 2017.  What can I say?  I was busy!

This game was the final piece of the puzzle.  As a part of the Shuffle franchise, it was in my 'top ten visual novels that I've actually played' rankings, but I hadn't actually played this portion yet.  Shuffle and Tick! Tack! I took care of long ago, which was the basis for the ranking, but I couldn't say I'd actually played the franchise until I eventually conquered Really? Really! too.

It's nice getting some more insight into Kaede and Rin's middle school years together, and the new character of Sakura was super sexy/cute.  But a lot of it was unnecessary recap, annoying gimmicks, or just ecchi overload.  Really? Really! on its own is nothing compared to the likes of Koichoco or Hoshimemo, much less Clannad or Da Capo III.  I'd never suggest people go play Really? Really! as a stand alone, but once you've fallen for Shuffle as a whole, it does make sense to plow onwards and play this game as well.  The full experience can't be matched by anything short of completion, right?

I've now completed everything available in English in my top ten visual novel franchises that I've actually played rankings (except for where I watched the anime version thereof instead, which is just as good).  That is until Grisaia Phantom Bullet volume 3 comes out later this June, and then it will be right back to the grindstone.

Upon the completion of Final Fantasy XV, I'd fulfilled all of my video game rankings requirements.  I've played all my hall of fame franchises to a sufficient level for anyone to see that my love for them is not empty talk but lived experience.

After finishing Middlemarch, Zero no Tsukaima volume 20, Baccano volume 22 and Index New Testament volume 18, I've read the hell out of all 100 authors in my good books hall of fame.  In the case of light novel authors, I can't read what hasn't been translated, but if they ever do produce a book that the anime doesn't adequately cover, I will read it the moment it does get translated.  Even though I have nothing left to prove, I still intend to read Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner by George Eliot eventually, just because it's a fun thing to do while listening to my video game music playlists.

I finished rewatching Macross 7, the most ancient of the ranked series I hadn't both watched and rewatched in full yet.  There's just the encore and dynamite ova's left before I cross this off my list as well.  All the other shows I have yet to rewatch are still on schedule and within my promise's parameters.

I've read all the manga in my manga hall of fames that have been translated into English, or watched their anime adaptions.  (Often both).

I've even watched in full every movie and tv show listed on my non-anime movies and tv hall of fame.  That came true with my completion of the latest Supergirl, Flash and Arrow seasons a couple weeks ago, and my watching of all the winter Olympic documentary movies in preparation for Pyeongchang 2018 even more recently.

If the Suka Suka anime ends without any sequel announcement, I'll start reading what few light novels have been translated past where the anime ends at that moment, but that obligation only starts a month from now.  (sort of like Grisaia phantom trigger volume 3)

In other words, for literally the first time in my life, I've accomplished everything I set out to do in my life.  My life's goal was to enjoy all the best entertainment the world had to offer, to take in all the light of the world, and curate it to others so that they can enjoy the beauty of the world as much as I have, and as of now I've done it.  I win.  Until more light shines, at which time I'll be ready to receive it and deal with it then.  No more backlogs.  From here on I'll always be living in the moment.  I'm caught up with the whole damn history of the world and all of its art.  I outlived the beauty of all mankind from 5,000 B.C. to 2017, it's all a part of me now.  I wouldn't be surprised if, with this, I haven't ascended to godhood or some other new lifeform.  What does someone who possesses all the beauty in the world even look like?

Now, every single franchise I endorse in every single hall of fame, is not something I'm speaking about theoretically or hypothetically, but something I can personally endorse and put my stamp of approval on as having been there and done that.  There isn't a single hint of a whiff of hypocrisy in a single thing I enjoin others to do.  It also means that if I could do it, so can everybody else, so it's their duty to follow in my footsteps where, like the Hokage, I've forged in front and left a path for everyone else to follow.  If everyone on Earth followed this entertainment program I've set out for them, there wouldn't be anything wrong with the world anymore.  The reason why things are always going wrong in London or anywhere else is because people haven't yet finished experiencing all my halls of fame like I have.  Which means that if anything bad happens in your life or anyone else's life, just chock it down to your/their sins, the sin of not having finished my halls of fame like I have.

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