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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mega Man and Street Fighter and Warlords Music:

The quest for the perfect video game music playlist continues.  This time I drew in some oldies as well as sticking with the tried and true.  Mega Man 7, 8, and Bass & Treble's soundtracks hadn't been tapped into yet, which is a waste given how good the soundtracks of the first six games were.

But on top of more Mega Man, I decided to go for the music from Warlords II and III, another strategy game franchise just like Heroes of Might and Magic II and III the day before.  And because no video game music playlist would be complete without it, I also downloaded the original Super Mario Bros. theme and added it in.  Street Fighter II was also a must include for all the memories.

I could only find Colonization's music as one giant chunk, a full 21 minutes long, but it's so good I didn't mind and included it in my playlist anyway.

I downloaded a few songs from Soul Blade to serve as a mobile reserve in case I come across a really intolerable tune, but this last resort antibiotic will not be input until the need arises.

Like usual, I've played and beaten all the games from which I'm drawing music, because otherwise there's no emotional bond between the listener and the melody.  Part of what makes video game music so good is the bond that grows from spending so much time with the games themselves.

There was so much bad FF 13 and Tales music that finding room for all the new games was the easy part.  But even with all these changes, my playlists remain at 700, 700, 700, 750, 750, with the same lengths as before -- 1.4 days, 1.4 days, 1.4 days, 1.1 days, 1 day.  The only thing that's gradually changing within this solid structure is the quality of the average song.

If I still come across too many bad songs, I guess I could reach out to Dynasty Warriors or even World of Warcraft, but if I don't have to I'd rather not.  I've heard those songs so many times just while playing I don't see the point in listening to them any further.  Nor do I even need them.  With this mighty arsenal of franchises to call upon, 3600 quality songs is an easy target to reach already.

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