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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Granblue Fantasy Music:

Though this music is from an anime, it's music based off of a game.  In similar cases, like with Tales of the Abyss, Symphonia, Zestiria and Phantasia music from the anime adaption, I classified the songs as video game music not anime music.  Therefore, when I downloaded the opening and ending and original soundtrack of Granblue Fantasy the Animation, I added the songs I liked to the video game music list.

In order to make room, I dropped more music from FF 10/10-2.  It was pretty easy because there's still a lot of dead weight there.

The opening and ending are great, but I can't say much in praise of the soundtrack composed by Uematsu.  Nothing stands out.  Perhaps future soundtrack discs will have better songs, the anime is still ongoing after all, and it could be saving its heavy artillery for later.  If so, I'll be there to download them too.

Meanwhile, the season 3 preview for Shingeki no Kyojin shows material up to chapter 90 of the manga, which would be 40 additional chapters from where we are.  That pretty much confirms a 2 cour season coming up, which is pretty exciting.  The show will have to rise in my rankings yet higher with this guarantee in mind, next time I do a large-scale update.

The latest chapter of Fairy Tail was fantastic, and Wendy was as unbelievably beautiful as ever.  Clearly the most attractive fictional character in the world.  Just five more chapters to go.

Eromanga Sensei's anime covered material that the books haven't even reached yet.  It made the episode especially pleasant because it was actually something new to find out about my beloved pairing.  The novels did foreshadow these events, however, so there's no danger of it being non-canon.  The anime so far has been a pale shadow of the novels, but by adding new details no reader had access to, it's really redeemed itself.  Best ep of the show this season, best ep of any show this season, best ep of the year.

I tried out Dragon Quest VIII as a test to see whether I would like XI.  But between the technical problems like the game running at half speed on emulation, the annoying English voice acting, and the low level of graphics, I couldn't garner any enthusiasm.  Hopefully all those issues won't apply to XI, so I'm still as in the dark as to how good XI will be as before.

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