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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Breaking down Bjork:

I downloaded a ton of new Bjork albums in my quest for the ultimate girl rock music playlist.  It didn't turn out very well.

My girl rock playlist sorting looks like this:  1 star = listenable.  2 star = actual music.  3 star = masterpiece.

All the new Bjork albums past Vespertine, every single song, was put in the 1 star list.  Overall, 54 of her songs were relegated to the listenable list.

Thanks to her early music, which was more like rock with a discernible beat and melody, Bjork wasn't a total waste of space.

25 of her songs made the 'actual music' 2 star list.  5 from Debut, 7 from Homogenic, 4 from Post and 9 from Vespertine.

10 of her songs made the 'masterpiece' 3 star list.  2 from Debut, 3 from Homogenic, 2 from Post and 3 from Vespertine.

Which would make Vespertine her best album.  I have no clue what happened to her after that.  She tried to become so creative and open-minded her brain fell out of her head.  To make good songs you have to abide by certain rules, just like making good literature or good steel structures.  It's nice to see how far you can bend those rules to make something new and exciting, but breaking the rules entirely just means turning your song into a puddle of goo; amorphous noise going nowhere.  You have to know when to hold back as much as when to push forward, just like a proper Go player needs to have a proper sense of the fragility of his formation and know when to firm up his position rather than always pushing for more territory.

For my video game music list I gave each star tier an equal number of songs, but I'm willing to be more flexible for the girl rock music list.  I'm just going to judge each song by ear and the tiers can be whatever size they wish to be at the end.  I have 953 songs to work with overall, so we'll just  have to see how far this deviates from the 317-318-317 norm.

I've listened to every girl rock song at least once through now, so at least I know they all qualify as listenable.  There was so much new music I had to work hard just to get acquainted with all the new songs.  This time around I'll do the serious work of judging them.  Next up is The Cranberries, whom I predict will have much more favorable results.

Another band which hasn't done itself any favors with a plethora of new albums is Tori Amos.  Vanessa Carlton, on the other hand, seems to have been on fire lately.  But I'll only be judging them officially at the very end, due to alphabetical order.

Meanwhile, Owarimonogatari Ge is just going to be a tv special (airing August 12-13) as opposed to a season, so the summer season is really looking like a letdown compared to spring now.

Just as a reminder, by reading Suka Suka I'm now up to date on every author in my Good Books hall of fame.  I've also watched and rewatched (or will rewatch within a set period of time) every anime in my anime hall of fame.  I've also read every translated chapter of manga or watched the anime equivalent of all the manga in my manga hall of fame.  I've also played to a satisfactory degree every video game in my video game hall of fame.  I've also read every visual novel in my top ten visual novel hall of fame, including all the sequels and spinoffs to all ten franchises.  I've also watched every movie and tv show in my movies/tv shows hall of fame.

In other words, for the first time in my life, I'm now up to date on all six halls of fame.  I've fully experienced everything good in this world, and done everything I've enjoined others to do, with the full knowledge that what I'm recommending is worthwhile.  Yesterday marked my final triumph.  Now all that's left to do is keep up with what's currently coming out.  Once I'm done sorting all my music, perhaps I'll create a music hall of fame as well. . .

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