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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ultimate Video Game Music Masterpiece:

This should do it!  I've surely got it all sorted out now.  The final form of my 20 star video game music playlist =

31 Chrono Cross songs
51 Chrono Trigger songs
23 FF 1 & 2 songs
25 FF 10 songs
10 FF 10-2 songs
2 FF 11 songs
20 FF 12 songs
1 FF 13 song
16 FF 15 songs
12 FF 3 songs
32 FF 4 songs
36 FF 5 songs
46 FF 6 songs
44 FF 7 songs
37 FF 8 songs
34 FF 9 songs
1 FF Crystal Chronicles song
21 FF tactics advanced songs
53 FF tactics songs
2 FF Type-0 songs
10 Lunar 2 songs
10 Lunar songs
20 Ogre Battle songs
9 Ogre Battle 64 songs
1 Tactics Ogre song
2 Star Ocean 3 songs
10 Tales of Berseria songs
7 Tales of Destiny 2 songs
5 Tales of Eternia songs
12 Tales of Graces songs
3 Tales of Hearts songs
2 Tales of Innocence songs
3 Tales of Phantasia songs
1 Tales of Rebirth song
20 Tales of Symphonia songs
3 Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratotosk songs
4 Tales of the Abyss songs
1 Tales of the Tempest song
2 Tales of Vesperia songs
1 Tales of Xillia 2 song
15 Tales of Xillia songs
9 Tales of Zestiria songs
33 Xenogears songs
20 Xenosaga songs

I took out all the FF 14 music because I never played the game and have no real emotional bond to the songs, even if they were good.

This concludes my 20 star vgm playlist, still at exactly 700 songs.  So what about all my remaining music?  Glad you asked!

The runners-up (including all the FF 14 songs I kicked out to make room for more Chrono Trigger) remain in my 10 star vgm playlist, also 700 songs strong.

The runners-up to that list are in my newly created 5 star vgm playlist, also 700 songs strong.

The runners-up to that list are in my newly created 3 star vgm playlist, also 700 songs strong.

And the remaining Tales songs that didn't fit into any of those lists forms my 1 star Tales vgm playlist, which is exactly 800 songs strong.

It's like God Himself planned for me to build these playlists with these numbers.  To think that it would be a nice even set of 100's by the end.  That's surreal.  3,600 songs from all these different games, and it was 3,600 on the dot.  This is a sign telling me my reorganization of my music was mandated from on high and blessed from on high.

Instead of listening to video game music based on franchise, I'm listening to a wide diversity of music at every tier save the last (because there just so happens to be a hell of a lot of Tales music in the world) with quality as my only guide.

By mashing all the games together, I'll never get tired of what randomly starts playing next, because it'll always be different from what just played before.  Each of the tiers lasts slightly over a day, so I'll never hear the same song twice in a waking period, no matter which I choose.  Talk about luxury!  My brain could never tire of cornucopias such as these.  Everything over the past years was all leading up to this day.  From here on it's just about enjoying the fruits of my labor.  I hope they never make any more good music again, because I seriously don't need it.  :).

Meanwhile, I rewatched Lethal Weapon 2 and 3, in order to reaffirm that they deserve to count towards the quality of the franchise.  They're nothing special, but they're better than nothing, so in they go.  Now my movies hall of fame list is at 197.  But I have no intention of stopping at 200.  If movies fit somewhere in my 50 pre-established franchises/genres, then they can be added in too.  Movies are short, so the more the merrier I say.

Or if some new franchise wants to blow me away, it's welcome to grab the spot of a previous top 50 holder.  There will only ever be 50 franchises, but there will still be plenty of growth to this permapost.  And if any franchise gets confusing as to which movies I'm referring to, because some of a franchise is in and some is out, I'll add asterisks to them too.  Until then it should be obvious that all the movies of the franchise are in.

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