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Monday, May 8, 2017

Hatsukoi 1/1 Released:

I didn't see this one coming.  This is a visual novel I've wanted translated for a long time, but I didn't know any group had even started on translating it yet, much less finished.  The visual novel can be torrented from skytorrents:

The translation patch can be found at eroge downloads.  Put the two together and we've got a completed game from 2012.  It only took five years but now we too can join in on the fun.

There's no guarantee this is a great game.  It was on my eagerly awaited releases list because the preview at Hau Omochikaeri looked good.  There also must have been something compelling about the game, or no fansub group would have bothered to spend all these years translating it for us.  Those are two points in the game's favor, but until I play it nothing's ever certain.

I'll check the game out just to see if it works and if it looks good, but I actually have plenty of visual novels to read right now.  There's just never any harm in having some spares.

Right now I'm busy reading Middlemarch, by George Eliot.  She's one of my authors on my hall of fame list, but I'd only read Adam Bede and Daniel Deronda so far.  I thought now was a good time to read some more of her works, because it gives me the opportunity to listen to/tinker with my video game music list at the same time.

I'm only about 1/5 of the way through, so Hatsukoi will have to wait.

I've also been working on my movies hall of fame.  I gave a more thorough description to any of the confusion-inducing entries by adding an asterisk with a link to a full list of the movies I intended to praise.  I watched a lot of movies I'd been meaning to watch for years so I can properly add or not add them to my hall of fame list.  Everything is much prettier and more informative now.

My anime wishlist also received an update -- Fairy Tail is in, as I'd really like to see the end of the manga receive a proper animated conclusion as well.  To make room for it, I kicked out my wish for additional High School of the Dead.  That's pointless now that the author is dead.  Ironic. . .

I also added a new permapost,

I think it did really well explaining why immigration is a bad idea in a non-offensive manner, so maybe people will be persuaded by this softer form of entreaty than my normal tone of voice.

God knows the world needs persuading, and quickly.  2/3 of French people voted for more terrorism, rape, riots and carnage, even though thousands of them have already fallen victim to the jihad against civilization.  It's mind-boggling.  The French people need to put a bullet in their heads and just be done with it, and I say this as someone who is 1/4 French.

Or, they could read my 'Once More, Into the Breach' post, finally get what's wrong with their attitudes, and vote for Le Pen in 2022, after another ten million of them are killed.  They could always try and save themselves before all is lost, and I'll keep pleading for them to do so until the end.  Not only am I French by blood, but I've visited France and found it lovely, and read many a French author and found them splendid.  France is a vital piece of western civilization, of my own weltanshaung.  I'm going to cry when the Eiffel Tower is finally dynamited down just like the Buddhas of Bamyan.

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