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Monday, May 15, 2017

To Love-ru Darkness Ends:

Today marks the final bangai-hen chapter.  Bangai-hen was always meant to be silly extra joke content unrelated to the main plot, and that remained the case even after the original Darkness series ended in such a wishy-washy manner.  Instead of using the Bangai-hen chapters to create a definitive answer, it was just more typical erotic humor serving no larger purpose.  There's nothing wrong with that, I just wish the original series had had an ending good enough that the impossible wasn't asked of Bangai-hen in the first place.

Supposedly To Love-ru will return in some form eventually, but I'm not very fond of vague, unscheduled promises.  Fairy Tail's anime was supposed to return eventually, but that never happened and now the manga is about to end.

So as far as I'm concerned this is the ending of To Love-ru.  Another classic manga, that's been running since 2006, so it's been 12 years of serialization.  How many more great manga intend to end this year?

Meanwhile, a new and better translation of the New Game ova came out, this time by FFF.  Time to upgrade.

Blu-ray Fresh Precure isn't seeded, so it's still just as unreachable as ever.

There's also a new episode of Minami Kamakura Joshi Jitenshi bu for some odd reason.  Time to enjoy a blast from the past.

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