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Monday, April 24, 2017

Video Game Music Grand Melee Redux:

Version 2.0 is looking a lot better than the first time around.  Important changes were made so that things would flow more smoothly:

First, I flipped FF Tactics over from the FF side to the 'misc.' side.  This very nearly equalized the number of songs on both lists, so that a head to head competition could become possible.

Second, I discovered five FF songs which were in fact repeats of each other, just with different titles and playing times.  Once I took those five out of the equation, lo and behold, the two song lists were almost equal -- 682 to 683.

Third, I ordered the songs on both lists by time instead of album.  This allowed me to randomize who would be going up against whom -- no FF4 vs. Chrono Trigger disasters are possible, because playing time really has no correlation to which particular game it was, on either side.

Randomizing via time instead of the 'shuffle' command allowed me to keep a tight hold on which songs have played and which haven't.  Each song directly follows the previous one, so I can keep careful track of which songs have played and which haven't, whether the 1 to 1 fight is both on the same page (like lining up a scantron), and whether my 20 star playlist has the proper number of entries given where I am on the competitor lists.

Currently I'm on song 128 on both sides, and my 20 star music list has 128 songs, so everything is proceeding perfectly.  128/683 = about 1/5 of the way through.  So this might take a few more days.

Fourth, I play one song from the FF list, followed by one song from the 'misc.' list, and whichever one I prefer of the two is the one that graduates to my 20 star list.

Fifth, if a song from either side is just a remix of another song, it auto loses against a real song from the other side.  I want all the best music, not 100 versions of my same favorite song.  If I want to listen to the same song over and over again, I'll just put the original version all the others are based off of on repeat.

Sixth, if the song is just a remix of a classical music song, it auto loses against a real song, because if I wanted to listen to classical I would just put the original classical song on.  This applies a lot to early FF music for some odd reason.

Seventh, if both songs in a competition are no good, and later on both songs from a competition are great, I reserve the right to eliminate both songs from the no good contest and include both songs from the great contest, in the interest of maximizing the 20 star list's quality.  I haven't had to actually use this option much though, things generally work out even without any tinkering.

With FF Tactics switching sides, you would think the competition would be rather even, not just in having the same quantity of songs on either side, but also having a 50-50 chance of winning for either side, but that's not the case.  FF is still clobbering the 'misc.' side just like before.  Well, the grand melee is yet young, so who knows, maybe 'misc.' will make a comeback.  Tales is the weakest performer of all, it's virtually no help to the 'misc.' side.  But the grand melee is yet young, maybe that result will also change.

While the grand melee rages on, I can also read Xanth's latest book, Ghost Writer in the Sky, and then finish the remaining translated Baccano.  Killing three birds with one stone.  I've been working for years to get to the point where I could host this grand melee, so there's no way I was going to let it end so messily.  This time I'm doing it right, and the result is going to be a spectacularly good list.

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