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Monday, April 24, 2017

Great Article at Breitbart Lays it all on the line:

Breitbart is officially a platform for the alt-right:

Breitbart is the 29th most trafficked website in America, and it just said five forbidden truths in a single article.  It threw down the gauntlet today, smacking down the LGBT agenda, feminism, race denialists, IQ denialists, and environmentalists all in one go.

This is an article I would have been proud to write.  This is full on Nazi.  Because you have to understand, if these facts are accepted, certain moral conclusions must be drawn from them, and those political, moral conclusions which emerge naturally from the above list of facts are all Nazi Germany.

Even if Breitbart doesn't connect the dots, any sane, thinking person, upon looking at those facts, could easily do so in their own mind.  There's simply no reason not to be a Nazi if this article is true.

And Breitbart just exposed these facts to hundreds of millions of readers, something no alt-right website has ever managed to do.  This is the most important news article ever written, because of its chance to convert millions of people, in a single moment, to full on Nazism.  If Breitbart just spent the last ten years building up a readership all so that it could unleash this one article to its unsuspecting readers and evangelize them all, then they are mad geniuses of the highest order.  They just put Amren, Vdare, the Daily Stormer, Stormfront, Steve Sailer and every other website to shame, because they just spread more truth to the people than every alt-right website ever managed combined.

I'm so proud of Breitbart having the courage to step up to the plate and fearlessly tell the truth, even when it's not PC.  Even if Trump is turning left, if Breitbart, which is Trump's base, is turning right, America is getting healthier by the moment.

The same can't be said for France, where Le Pen couldn't even win the first round, despite France being the target of a full on terrorist war that slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of French over the past few years.  I guess these people prefer to die like ostriches with their heads in the sand to the very end.  Typical Europeans.  Nothing can kick them out of their ennui and make them want to survive.  Political parties have offered them the opportunity for decades, and yet the people stubbornly refuse, like a bunch of Titanic passengers who don't feel like getting on the lifeboats even as the ship sinks underneath them.

There is a sickness in Europe that really cannot be explained, that even the Anglosphere doesn't share.  Trump runs America.  Canada and Australia and New Zealand have a strict, merit based immigration policy.  The UK voted for Brexit.  Eastern Europe knows better than to put up with Ottoman crap.  But when you get to France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Benelux, and Scandinavia, it's just absolute hopeless stupidity, with zero signs of life, no matter how bad it gets.

I suggest any healthy whites who remain in those countries to move to America, Eastern Europe, Russia, or even South America.  Western Europe is dead.  It doesn't even have the will to jail criminals or deport terrorists.  It's just supine as the waves of darkness pour in year after year after year.  The rest of the white world could really use your help.  Millions of additional conservative voters injected into still living countries like Trump's America could save our republic.  Focusing our energy in one place so that there is at least one white haven on Earth is the best strategy for all of us -- South African whites, are you listening?

In an effort to squeeze out any additional songs I could so that no worthy entry was missed, my 10 star playlist is now 1370 songs, 769 FF and 601 non-FF.  It does feel like a 20 star grand melee like I initially planned is still possible.  Suppose I include FF tactics in the non-FF group?  That would make it 687 vs. 683.  It's not even unreasonable, given that FF Tactics has more in common with Ogre Battle than the rest of the FF series.  The four remaining spots can just go to whoever's lucky enough to not face a competitor at the very end.

The natural injustice of an unseeded contest will mean that some good songs will fail to reach the 20 star list even while many worse ones succeed.  But it's not such a huge tragedy, given that these songs will still remain in my 10 star list, ready for listening whenever I desire.  Now I can enjoy the thrill of competition like I originally planned, and create, at least overall, an even more select, elite playlist than the one I already have.

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