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Monday, April 10, 2017

Planetarian - Hoshi no Hito subtitled:

Planetarian's movie was the biggest unsubbed in any format anime the world was missing.  That travesty has now been righted.  Today Planetarian - Hoshi no Hito came out subbed (in bluray no less!), another show that was made in 2016 but counts towards 2017's year in anime total, because we only actually got to watch it this year.

Now the biggest missing anime in the world, the one thing that's never been subbed, is Dimension W's ova.  It really sucks how we seemingly just cannot catch a break on this one little bluray bonus episode.  But an entire Planetarian movie is worth a lot more than a single ova episode, so this was the big one.  Today is another day reserved for worldwide celebrations, just like if the 2nd death star had just been destroyed, because today Planetarian reached its flawless, in bluray, completed and adequately adapted release.  A rarity even for great anime.

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