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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Inori Minase:

The newest member of my anime voices list, my seiyuu hall of fame, is Inori Minase.  She's pretty famous, having already won best seiyuu awards soon after debuting at the tender age of 15 in 2010.  But that's not my basis for admiration.  I was just overwhelmed by her performance as Nekone in Utawarerumono 2.

Her voice has a subtle quality, it isn't over the top like Rie Kugimiya or Yukari Tamura.  You have to listen to it for a long time before you notice just how much emotion is carried by her quiet tones.  It's amazing how she can turn polite, formal speech into something that belongs solely to her, that perfectly conveys all her feelings from the bottom of her heart.

Inori Minase is Nekone in Utawarerumono, which I'll get to be hearing more from once the third game comes out this fall.  But she's also starred in many other important roles, like Rem from Re:Zero, Mirai in Locodol, Hestia in Danmachi and Fuuka Leventon from Vivid Strike.

Inori Minase marks my 120th entry in my voices hall of fame.  Eighty slots remain open for new talents just like Inori to debut in the future.

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