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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Aiyoku no Eustia Fan Translation Resurrects:

Aiyoku no Eustia is one of the best visual novels never translated into English.  This isn't for lack of trying.  Other groups have all taken a crack at it, but they always founder along the way.  Currently Aiyoku no Eustia's prologue and one girl's route are translated, with the rest still in Japanese.  A new group is trying to fix that, but they're starting over from the very beginning, so the new translation is actually worse than what we currently have.  What's important though is the principle of the thing.  Now that someone's actively translating it again, there's at least a possibility that this national treasure will finally see the light of day, even if it's years from now.

Meanwhile, To Heart 2 is 70% proofread, which means the completely translated game won't be long now.  If only Dracu Riot had as consistent progress. . .

The english language edition of Little Busters! is also coming along, with a new trailer being released by the official company and a steam release planned.

Dal Segno is nearly ready to go too, according to Mangagamer.

I finished the Seiso/Hegemon route of Majikoi A-2, so just two more to go before this deluge of new visual novels arrives.

Meanwhile, the author of To Love-ru says more is planned after the ending of Darkness, but there's no telling when the continuation will actually continue.  Maybe ten years from now we'll get an update, but for now I still consider this series done, not just on hiatus.  And I still consider the ending completely unsatisfactory.

Girlish Number and Ghost in the Shell have announced new anime content, but I wouldn't expect much from either of them.  Just like the pointless Idolm@ster gekijou anime airing right now, it doesn't actually add anything to the series.

I'm 2/3 of the way through my FF XV listening project.  I'm growing more and more convinced that the music was the only good part of this game.

Tap Translations has released lots of additional SAO short story translations, so be sure to catch up on those.  SAO is always the highest priority.

Doremi Fansubs finished encoding Ojamajo Doremi Sharp episode 31 HD, more evidence that the project lives and continues.  Once the whole series is done it will be released as a batch, and then I can rewatch # in its most perfect form, instead of the old low resolution original version we currently have to rely on.  At their current rate of progress that will still be years from now, but watcha gonna do.  If the project is still in progress, the only solution is patience.

I finished Baccano volume 12 and have moved on to 13.  The ending was so sudden I thought I was missing a portion of the book, but apparently this was all part of the plan.

My spring first impressions post is just waiting on a couple more shows to debut, and should be out in a couple more days.

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