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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fresh Precure Blu-ray Subtitled:

The project to subtitle Fresh Pretty Cure in blu-ray began last month, with five episodes being released.  Today the remaining 45 were released.  That's quite the pace!  Now we can enjoy Fresh Pretty Cure, the third best Pretty Cure season of them all, in its most perfect form.  Most importantly, the video errors that were on the previous subtitled release will no longer hound us.

The only problem is it isn't actually seeded yet, so it's sort of a phantom release.  But presumably in the next couple days that issue will resolve itself, and we can all enjoy our plunder.

Meanwhile, I'm up to Baccano volume 21, the final translated volume of Baccano.  I have to read this book, because I told the whole world to go out and read Baccano, so at least I have to do it myself.  However, if I'm lucky, some new light novel series will replace Baccano as a 'must-read' in my hall of fame before volume 22 is translated.  In that case I won't be obligated to read any further.  If 22 comes out first though, I'll go ahead and read that too.  Duty is heavier than a mountain.

After I finish reading Baccano, only Suka Suka is left in terms of translated light novels in my hall of fame that I haven't read yet.  But there's no point reading Suka Suka when I can just watch the anime, so that will have to wait at least until the spring season is over.

Meanwhile, I'm up to song 531 of my video game music grand melee.  I've found many more doppelgangers, so now the Final Fantasy side of the contest only has 666 entries, while the other side still has 683.  This means after the competition part is done, I can just add in my favorite remaining 17 songs without any gladiatorial combat.

Since I sorted the songs by time, these later songs are taking a lot longer to listen through than the earlier portions of my contest, so 531 isn't even close to done.

Ideally, I can finish Baccano and the grand melee at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.  But if too many good songs are left out of my list by cutting it in half, I may have to up the quantity to 700 songs or whatever it takes to retain all my favorites.  Cutting out fat is good, but cutting to the bone isn't.  Once the pressure of the contest is over, I'll just add however many consolation prizes as I feel like.  My 20 star playlist shouldn't lack for anything, given that its goal is perfection.  And boy is the music already in it so amazing.  I can't wait to see its finished form, once all the best songs have been awarded entry.

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