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Friday, April 28, 2017

Baccano Volume 22 Translated:

This website has volume 22.  It can't be downloaded anywhere, so you just have to read it off the screen.  Once you finish a chapter, click on the link at the bottom to reach the next chapter.

I finished reading volume 21, so onwards to volume 22 it is.  It's very convenient that the moment I needed this volume to be translated, it was.  The translation wasn't finished until a bit ago, so I really chose the right moment to read all of Baccano.

With this, all of Baccano has been translated into English.  Until the next volume comes out, at least.  But at the very least, the 1930's storyline, that involves all the characters we actually care about in this series, ends here.  What he writes after this is of little significance, this is the culmination of the story.

If not for Suka Suka joining my rankings a couple weeks ago, this would have been the final book left to read in my hall of fame.  Now that dream is receding back into the mists, but at least this is still a huge milestone in my pilgrim's progress.

Meanwhile, my video game music grand melee continues apace.  I'm at 627/682.  I've found yet more doppelgangers, so my FF playlist is down to just 662 songs.  I'll be able to finish things up either today or tomorrow, so it looks like Baccano will outlast the melee in the end.  Still, I managed something very close to two birds with one stone.

Deshaun Watson is such a huge steal for the Texans.  We already had a great defense, now that we have the national championship winning quarterback on our side, we'll be invincible.  I'm calling it now -- next year's super bowl will be Cowboys vs. Texans!

Meanwhile, Grisaia - Phantom Trigger volumes 1 & 2 are available.  Since it's a spinoff using wholly new characters, I don't know how much to expect from this visual novel, but it can't hurt to at least try it out.  It's still made by the same talented people, after all.

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