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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sailor Moon Crystal S1 out in bluray:

The anime gods heard my plea and have finally started to get to work on Sailor Moon Crystal bluray.  Thanks to [koten_gars], we now have episodes 1-14 subtitled in bluray.  SMC subs already covered eps 1-7, so this represents a mere seven additional bluray eps, but after years of silence any movement at all is welcome.

Now we just need Crystal's second and third seasons to come out in bluray, and the real partying can begin.

The long awaited FF XV patch seems to be coming out.  The same for the patch that allows flight in WoW Legion.

With the winter season winding down (only five shows currently airing worth watching), Random Curiosity's new spring 2017 anime preview is out.  People can check out all the details about what's coming in the weeks ahead that is going to replace our current lineup.

My first impressions post will come once enough new series worth reviewing have aired.  Winter 2017 was really good, with three new great anime and lots of returning favorites like Rewrite.  But I have a hunch spring 2017 will be even better.  The final Tales of Zestiria the X episode will be airing at the end of April as well, so Tales is an honorary member of the spring season too.

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