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Monday, March 27, 2017

Love Live Sunshine out in bluray:

In surprising fashion, Love Live Sunshine has received a bluray release all at once.  Usually a series is subtitled volume by volume, and that wasn't happening for Sunshine, so I feared the worst.  But apparently behind the scenes someone was planning to release the whole thing once it was done, so actually the bluray release came out nearly as soon as the final volume was available.

It may be wise to rewatch Sunshine now, or you could just wait for season 2 to come out this fall, wait for it to be released in bluray, and then rewatch the whole series in one go.  It's just really nice that a show that focuses on splendor -- beautiful girls singing and dancing -- is captured in the most splendid medium, blu-ray.  A comedy may not need blu-ray to reach its full potential -- a show like this really does.

Shin Prince of Tennis is finally being translated again, so that's nice.  On the other hand, High School of the Dead's author died, never leaving hiatus, so that series is now officially over.  What a waste.

The final four is set, with the favorites being the 1 seeds Gonzaga and North Carolina seemingly on a collision course for the championship game.

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