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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No Pity:

I don't feel any pity for anyone living in America who does not qualify for entry into my ideal utopia, 'Vinland.'  Said standards can be found here

I don't care what happens to anybody I've already screened out as unworthy of living beside.  This means I don't give a damn about old black people stabbed by swords in NYC or mowed down in churches in South Carolina.  They shouldn't be here to begin with, and it's due to their insistence that we haven't already separated into peaceful, homogeneous, filtered communities already.  We offered to go our separate way in 1861 and they wouldn't let us.  We tried to at least stay out of each other's hair and segregated until 1961 but they wouldn't let us do that either.  We proposed white nationalism as the final solution that is just and fair to all sides, and that was rejected out of hand too.  Then, whaddyaknow, some whites feel trapped and frustrated by all the blacks in their midst and they lash out, like scorpions stuck together in a small jar.  This isn't our fault, who have just wanted to peacefully separate all along.  It's their fault for forcing us at gunpoint and bayonet to be cheek by jowl with all these undesirables in the first place.

The most mentally disturbed and fanatical bigots will strike out first, but the more you mash whites and diversities together, the more mainstream and normal this phenomena, and the people doing it, will become.  Until there will reach a point where liberals require all whites to interbreed with blacks, adopt black children, raise a million black refugees from Africa in their homes, or whatever, at which point 50% of whites will take up arms and act exactly like Breivik, Roof, etc already have.  There is a simple answer to white terrorism -- stop hurting us.  After the Oklahoma City bombing, it was remarkable how no further Ruby Ridge's or Waco's happened.  And wouldn't you know, there were no further Oklahoma City bombings either.  There won't be any more stabby-stab-stab incidents either, if you just let us secede and form a new country for ourselves, a land for bigots and racists and extremists only.  You would think America would want to be rid of us, since we're supposedly the cause of all problems in the world.  But instead they frantically clutch us to their bosoms and attempt to suffocate us all by rubbing our noses in mandated diversity.  Is it possible that they secretly know that we are the source of everything good in this world, not everything evil, and that's why they dare not let us go?  Is that why they must enslave us all instead, using our tax dollars to hold up, like Atlas, all the diversity on our shoulders?  The answer since 1861 has always been the same, we are under no obligation to uphold civilization for all the peoples of the world who never managed to create a civilization of their own to begin with.  It's time we just shrugged.

There are millions of us.  We're everywhere.  Many other nations already have a territory dedicated solely to them, with a population far less than ours.  Why can't people who want to live among their own have that same right as everyone else on Earth?

What is the moral justification for keeping us here against our wills?

That same lack of pity applies to the white working class and their whole 'white death' epidemic.  I could care less about anyone who drinks, does drugs, smokes, gets fat, or otherwise digs themselves an early grave.  I'm not interested in weak, worthless losers.  This is just evolution in action.  I welcome their deaths and wish they would just speed things along already.  They would never be allowed into Vinland anyway, they aren't my people.  They're just white trash.

I could also care less about anyone who miscegenates and as a result becomes the victim of domestic violence.  Nor do I care about anyone who wants to be a do gooder and journeys to 'underserved' corners of America or the globe in order to 'raise awareness', 'help those in need,' or whatever.  I hope they're all raped and killed like the morons they are.  They are the peddlers and dupes of lies, and those are both no-no's in my Vinland criteria.  I don't think there's anything funnier than these young liberal women riding bicycles into the middle of inner cities and coming back out in pieces.

I could give a flying fuck about how many civilians, who accepted living under the rule of ISIS/Al Qaeda, die in bombing attacks in Mosul or Aleppo or wherever.  I could give a flying fuck about the Palestinians, their entire country is just a nest of terrorists and my only wish is that Israel would genocide them all, take all the land they justly won in a war the Arabs started, and resolve the problem once and for all.

I have no pity for people who lose jobs to market forces.  No one deserves a job that requires coercion to keep it.  If people live frugally, they can easily manage on minimum wage, so any economic difficulties they face are no doubt due to their own bad spending habits.

I have no pity for sick people.  Disease is bad luck, no different from getting hit by lightning or meteorites.  You live a fulfilling life for as long as you can, and when you can't anymore, that's the time to die and get out of the way.  Stop costing all the rest of us millions to save your worthless hide and just die already.  For the cost of treating a sick, decaying carcass like yours, we could have supported for life, multiple new healthy white children instead.  People with their whole lives in front of them, instead of behind them.  Couldn't you have the decency to just off yourself before running up all these hospital bills?  Why on Earth do you think you have the right to live when you know full well that man is mortal and we all get sick and die eventually?  Some people punch their tickets sooner and some later, but we all have to get over it and accept our fates.  If you have everything in your life in order to begin with, you wouldn't have anything to worry about, now would you?

Here are the people I do pity:  Children stuck in school.  Children stuck in church.  Children stuck in abusive homes.  Victims of crime who did nothing to paint targets on themselves.  People forced to lie to get by in life, or choose not to lie and thus don't get by in life.  Husbands defrauded by 'wives' who uphold no portion of their marriage vows.  Boyfriends dumped by girlfriends who were told they were loved but never really were.  People who are eminently qualified for high positions of wealth and status being denied these positions due to their non-conformity to political correctness or any other non-merit based decision making process.  People who pay lots in taxes but receive nothing in return, no different from being the victims of muggings.  People who want to peacefully secede and form their own nations but can't because governments deny people the fundamental right of freedom of association and to be ruled solely by the consent of the governed.  People who are demonized and called names for their virtues instead of their vices.

These are the only true victims in America, the only people deserving advocacy and a redress of grievances.

Everyone else pretending to be a victim is just pleading for special government favors and coercion to tip the scales in their favor.  Every victim I care about is someone who lacks sufficient freedom and is being imposed upon -- every victim other people care about is someone who lacks sufficient power to impose yet further upon others.

Every day we are victimized in a myriad of ways by virtually everyone else around us, and I'm supposed to care about an old black guy in New York City?  Cry me a river.

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Anonymous said...

"I could care less"

I'm thinking that what you actually wanted to say is "I couldn't care less"