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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017's Anime will improve:

2017 is having a difficult time maintaining the quality levels of entertainment we've seen in the years heretofore.

This is because Fairy Tail isn't even airing anymore, One Piece is on a terrible arc, Bolt can never match Naruto, Dragon Ball Super has gotten worse ever since the Zammasu storyline ended, and Kira Kira Precure is the worst Precure ever.  When all of the heavy hitters are simultaneously striking out, the rest of the anime world is in a real predicament trying to bail them out.

But this summer, we're getting a little help:

Owarimonogatari ge, the conclusion of the fabulous monogatari series.

Fate/Apocrypha, any Fate is good Fate.

Gamers -- from the maker of Seitokai no Ichizon.

Tenshi no 3p -- from the maker of Ro-Kyu-Bu!

And a lot of promising shows like --

Koi to Uso
Hell Girl season 4
Isekai Smartphone

Then this autumn comes the big guns:

Full Metal Panic!
UQ Holder
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha
Love Live! Sunshine

And a lot of promising shows like --

Dies Irae
Mahoutsukai no Yome

Also, Sailor Moon Crystal's 2nd and 3rd seasons will be fansubbed in blu-ray by the same person who did season 1, so that's one major worry out of the way.

Eventually, Fairy Tail will return to television, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Pretty Cure will improve with new arcs, Bolt will cover the Scarlet Spring Gaiden, and all will be well again.

Eventually, SAO season 3 will be announced, Nanoha Vivid season 2 will be announced, Index Season 3 will be announced, Railgun Season 3 will be announced, Kud Wafter will be announced, the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 will air, Girls und Panzer will return, Card Captor Sakura will return, Macross will return, New Game will return, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri will return, Wake Up, Girls! will return, and all will be well again.

My anime wishlist still has 100 ways anime could drastically improve itself from its current state, so there's no lack of potential still waiting to be tapped.

My wishlist has a new category now, which requests a 'patch' to an older series, rather than a full remake.  Just add in the missing content and subtract out the filler content from the previous show and you'd be good to go.  It's amazing how many series could benefit from this 'patch' remake:

"Some series don't need a complete and total remake, they just need some things added in and/or some things subtracted out to reach their full potential by better matching their source:

1.  The World God Only Knows * 
2.  Hayate no Gotoku *
3.  12 Kingdoms *
4.  Berserk *
5.  Rewrite *
6.  Sailor Moon (Arc 5) * 
7.  Little Busters! *
8.  Gokukoku no Brynhildr *

1.  Amagi Brilliant Park
2.  Zero no Tsukaima
3.  No Game No Life"

11/100 wishlist shows could be improved dramatically with comparatively less work than any other useful anime project.

Rewrite ended well.  Now all it needs to do is go back and actually cover the personal routes of Akane, Lucia, and Shizuru.  Amagi Brilliant Park just needs to make the princess blind and the curse not be lifted.  Zero no Tsukaima just needs to characterize the church correctly.  No Game No Life just needs to add in the sirens and vampires.  12 Kingdoms just needs to drop the filler characters and add in the ruler of Kyou's story.  And so on.

Ero Manga Sensei cannot be a top 20 anime with just one season, but if it sells well and gets approved for a season 2 or season 3, it could easily reach that level.  Considering how well Oreimo sold, there's no reason to believe this won't happen.  And if this does happen, 2017 would be the most important year in standout anime since 2012.

Receiving the ending to Monogatari, which has been airing since 2009 and is the 5th best anime of all time (precisely because it's one of the few long shows that has a proper ending), is of vital consequence to the quality of the franchise.

Beneath the surface, a lot of things are moving in the right direction.  I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a second season to Shirobako, which would be huge.

So yes, 2017 is lacking in quality anime due to the big name immortal franchises letting us down, but we're still headed in the right direction overall.  And even if anime is a letdown, Da Capo III's visual novel followed by Utawarerumono 3's visual novel means there's no lack of stuff to do.  These are both capstones of magnificent series of illustrious heraldry.

FF XV and Tales of Berseria are both excellent PS4 games, a system that's been lacking in anything worthwhile until now.

Hayate no Gotoku, one of the best manga of all time, will be receiving a fitting ending, unlike Bleach or To Love-ru.  Akame ga Kill! already has.

Zoom out a bit and 2017 still has a heck of a lot to offer, Dragon Ball, Pretty Cure, One Piece and Naruto notwithstanding.

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