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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump is Worthless:

Let's face it, Trump is a failure.  A real leader would have amended all the senate rules to have his full cabinet and Gorsuch appointed by now.  There is no legal reason why any of this should have taken any time.  With a Republican majority senate, all of these appointments could have been made by now if Republicans just had the will to do so.  They lack the will, which means they've already betrayed their voters long ago.

In addition, if Republicans had the will, they could have simply impeached any judge that rules against Trump on his immigration orders, and appointed new, pro-Trump judges in their place.  With the presidency and the senate this too could have been done immediately.

If Republicans had the will, they could have declared martial law in Berkeley and arrested every single rioter and put them in prison for ten years or more on various charges.

If Republicans had the will, they could have removed all our sanctions on Russia and restored peaceful relations with them already.

If Republicans had the will, they could militarize the border and stop anyone from getting through illegally, as well as use the national guard and military to round up and deport the eleven million illegals currently in America.  The law already says they are not supposed to be here and need to be deported, no changes even need to be made except to enforce the law.  If any judge gets in the way just impeach him or her and move on.

If Republicans had the will they could have arrested every single person who threatened to assassinate Trump or overthrow the elected government and put them in jail for five years or more.

If Republicans had the will they could have reformed health care, taxes or any other policy long ago.  You have the house, the senate and the presidency.  Just get rid of the senate rules slowing down debate and pass the bills already.  They've had months to write whatever legislation they wanted ever since the results of the November 8th election became clear.  Why are they only starting to write these bills now?  This is absolute nonsense.  The Republican party could have had an entire legal platform already fully written, ready to implement by vote on day one, the moment they were sworn in.  Instead we get some vague talk of maybe doing something this year.  Yeah right.  If they had the will to do anything it could have been done already, long ago.

If Republicans had the will they could simply arrest any state official or city official who refuses to enforce immigration law.  Hang them all as traitors and be done with it.  Sanctuary cities are a joke, and only a spineless government would have to put up with them for a nanosecond.

If Republicans had the will they could have abandoned all mainstream media, refused to report anything to them or answer any of their questions.  They could have nationalized twitter and facebook as public utilities and then sent their messages directly to the people.  The fact that they still even bother with the leftist, liberal media proves they're still part of the same multi-headed liberal hydra.

If Republicans had the will they could have immediately returned money to the gold standard and abolished the fed.  They could have balanced the budget.  They can do anything.  They are in control of all branches of government.  Yet they do nothing.  They can't even get a cabinet appointed, and virtually every member of said cabinet is likely to just be fired again, like Flynn was, only days after taking office.  What's the use of an administration that's losing members faster than they're being instated?  At this rate we still won't have a full cabinet four years from now.

I hoped that Trump was a genuine outsider who stood for real change, but he hasn't changed anything.  It's the same foreign policy as Obama, the same domestic policy as Obama, every policy is the exact same as before.  We are still heading towards total ruin and devastation.  In fact, it's only accelerated, because under Obama at least there wasn't this toxic legal precedent that foreigners have the constitutional right to immigrate to America, which is now the settled law of the land under Trump.

Trump the symbol, the neo-nazi resurgent who champions white America, that liberals were so frantically attacking, was worth defending.  It's great that he won because it meant white nationalists can no longer be marginalized, we are in the middle of the conversation again.  If a nazi runs the white house, then Nazis are mainstream.  Having Trump win despite being called a nazi opens up the discourse for everyone else accused of being a nazi in America, including actual Nazis who are proud of it.

That investment has already paid off.  Just by winning we already got that benefit.  In addition, just by winning we've prevented the satanic hag Hillary from being president.  Trump has already delivered every benefit he's ever going to deliver.  He's now just as worthless and despicable as any other politician.  The honeymoon is over.  I despise Trump for what he said about Crimea.  Only a liar and a coward could have said that.  He has lost all legitimacy as a leader or a moral figure from here on.  He's just another worthless neocon piece of shit.

It's clear that if this is the most right-wing fanatic America can elect anymore, then it's all over for America.  Because we needed someone way more right wing than this to get anywhere.  We can't even deport illegal immigrants, much less stop legal immigration, restore the traditional family, eliminate our national debt, or do anything else that's vital and necessary to save our country.  The very best thing Trump could do at this point is allow white America to secede from the west and east coast, but of course he won't allow that either, because he's actually a liberal New Yorker and cares nothing about our future.

Even in the best case scenario, I predicted there was no way Trump could restore America's glory, because over 50% of children in America are non-white.  That was a best case scenario.  Now we see that the reality is a worst case scenario.  If anything, Trump is now less effective combating illegal immigration than Obama was.  How is that even possible?  He could stop immigration right now by just setting the number of refugees allowed into the country to zero.  He has that power, the courts did not deny him it even in the most recent ruling.  But he didn't use it.  Because he's a shill and a traitor, and he never meant a damn word he said on immigration.

America is still occupied territory.  Everything we do, both domestically and abroad, is just evil.  Everything we say is a lie.  Our governments are just fountains of injustice, lies and economic blight.  Security is worse than ever.  We look to be starting wars with Russia, China and Iran simultaneously.  I can't point to a single thing that could be construed as a win.  Will the wall ever actually be built?  After all the promises he's already broken (what happened to repealing daca/dapa?), I wouldn't count on this ever happening either.

There's clearly no way to vote our way out of this mess.  Even Trump's milquetoast executive order against the worst type of scum refugee immigrants is unpopular.  The majority of Americans want unrestricted floods of Yemenis and Syrians coming in forever.  If that's the case, there's no way someone right of Trump on a true immigration restrictionist platform could ever win the presidency.  Which means we're stuck with shills like Trump who make a few gestures and then ultimately back down to liberal judges and do nothing.  Whee.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.  Voting has failed.  Private plans are the only possible route to success from here.  Currently, white nationalists are content with life in America.  They're still fat and happy and comfy, so they're fine staying under this crooked government.  But that's going to change pretty soon.  I don't see our children living in anything other than a wasteland, that is if Trump doesn't get us into a nuclear war before then.  Once that wasteland has come true, surely by then a seasteading project, a space colony, or a breakaway Republic of Montana will sound a lot more attractive.  Then we can start to see real positive change for the movement.  Trump is just another dead end.

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